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On the greeting of January 16, SEVENTEEN Jeonghan was spotted astatine the Incheon International Airport, leaving for the Paris Fashion Week that is acceptable to statesman connected January 17. Jeonghan was straight invited by the planetary office of Yves Saint Laurent to be Paris Fashion Week and is expected to beryllium dressed successful the luxury manner brand's covering arsenic helium sits successful the beforehand enactment of the show.

Jeonghan was dressed successful a blase achromatic silver-striped suit and brownish Chelsea boots with a achromatic leather cross-body bag. The K-pop idol looked chic successful his elemental yet classy look with his long achromatic hair perfectly accentuating his appearance.

As a typical of Yves Saint Laurent, the idol volition astir apt beryllium dressed successful apparel from the brand's latest Fall/Winter Men's Wear 2023 collection. Given that this is YSL's archetypal clip attending Paris Fashion Week aft their agelong intermission of six years, fans of the marque arsenic good arsenic SEVENTEEN Jeonghan are excited to spot what the amusement has successful store for them.

CARATs praise SEVENTEEN Jeonghan for being the archetypal subordinate to be Paris Fashion Week

As portion of Jeonghan's docket for 2023, the idol is disconnected to be Paris Fashion Week arsenic a typical of not conscionable Saint Laurent but besides a ocular typical of K-pop. Known for his unmatched visuals, helium was recognized for the aforesaid by YSL during SEVENTEEN's promotions, which yet led to him attending his archetypal ever Paris Fashion Week.

Jeonghan was invited by YSL for Paris Fashion Week!! #정한“.. is considered arsenic 1 of K-pop's typical visuals.He was recognised for his handsome lad visuals during SVT's promotions.With his agelong hairsbreadth and slim body, helium caught the interests of the radical of Saint Laurent.”
jeonghan being the archetypal to spell to europe and be paris manner week is decidedly not connected my 2023 bingo paper but maaan to spot him walking astir paris, trying the blistery chocolates and croissant, him taking pictures astir paris…. and erstwhile helium posts pics similar this one volition spell feral

What caught Saint Laurent's involvement successful the idol, unsurprisingly, was his visuals, agelong hair, and thin frame, and fans are astir excited to spot his "sophisticated visuals" portion being dressed successful YSL clothes. Following quality of his departure for the manner show, CARATs couldn't assistance but bring up the respective times he's displayed his knack for experimentation.

Further, SEVENTEEN Jeonghan is rather celebrated for his unsocial and attention-grabbing airdrome fashion. The K-pop idol showcases a scope of aesthetics, proving that helium tin propulsion disconnected immoderate look with ease. Anyone who's taken a peek astatine his Instagram volition cognize that Jeonghan is simply a maestro dresser.

never successful my beingness did one deliberation one would work the words “yoon jeonghan” and “paris manner week” successful the aforesaid condemnation but present we are🥹 one americium truthful arrogant of him🥹
YSL specially invited jeonghan to be the paris manner week, helium volition deterioration a peculiar outfit from YSL and volition beryllium astatine the frontrow. helium is the ocular typical of kpop and embodies the bosom of YSL 🤍YOON JEONGHAN A SUPERSTAR

Moreover, the galore photoshoots of the idol further beryllium wherefore his beingness astatine Paris Fashion Week makes sense. His shots for magazines person ever caused a disturbance connected the internet, arsenic fans swoon implicit not conscionable however good helium pulls disconnected antithetic apparel but besides however his visuals and assemblage operation compliment assorted styles.

Given that SEVENTEEN Jeonghan was the archetypal subordinate of the K-pop lad radical to be Paris Fashion Week, CARATs are expressing their pridefulness for the idol. While it is 1 happening to be a manner amusement arsenic an ambassador oregon model, to beryllium personally invited straight by the marque to correspond them speaks volumes astir his power successful the K-pop industry

In different news, the K-pop idols who'll besides beryllium attending Paris Fashion Week are BTS Jimin and j-hope, WayV Ten, and BLACKPINK Jisoo. Fans are besides speculating astir the imaginable reappearance of BTS V to be Paris Fashion Week arsenic helium precocious received flowers from CELINE, the luxury marque that invited him to the amusement past time.

As Paris Fashion Week yet rolls out, CARATs can't hold to spot SEVENTEEN Jeonghan each glammed up successful Saint Laurent apparel arsenic helium sits successful the beforehand row.

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