Huawei to launch metaverse and Web3 Alliance for East Asia

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The unreality branch of Chinese technology titan Huawei has entered into a ‘heavyweight’ business pinch aggregate blockchain companies connected nan motorboat of its metaverse and Web3 Alliance project, which intends to facilitate nan speedy take and proliferation of these technologies successful nan region of East Asia and beyond.

As it happens, Huawei Cloud announced practice pinch Polygon (MATIC), Deepbrain Chain (DBC), Morpheus Labs (MITX), and BlockChain Solutions, pinch others to travel successful nan future, astatine nan 2023 Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Partnership Leaders Summit successful Bali, Indonesia, connected February 23, arsenic WeChat reported connected February 25.

Commenting connected nan business and motorboat announcement, nan CEO of Morpheus Labs, Pei-Han, stressed his company’s engagement successful nan task arsenic “one of nan cardinal partners successful Huawei Metaverse – Web3 Alliance.”

Expanding horizons

In summation to nan metaverse and Web3 Alliance partners, nan summit, which took spot betwixt February 22 and 24, brought together different IT companies successful nan region, specified arsenic Cloudsec Asia, Sirius, HKT Enterprise Solutions, China Telecom, China Mobility, and China Unicom, to talk efforts successful broadening nan technology’s reach.

According to nan report, Huawei Cloud deploys cloud-native, artificial intelligence (AI), and large information to governments and businesses successful astir 30 countries, wherever it intends to transportation retired integer translator and summation productivity, arsenic it serves 730 cardinal end-users astir nan world. 

Furthermore, its caller blockchain confederation is conscionable 1 of Huawei’s efforts connected expanding caller technologies, arsenic it announced backmost successful November 2021 that it had already group its sights connected rolling retired nan 6G web by 2030, contempt 5G exertion only precocious debuting connected nan world stage.

The caller announcement follows nan earlier news astir nan business of Tencent Cloud, nan unreality branch of tech institution Tencent, pinch decentralized exertion projects that see Ankr (ANKR), Avalanche (AVAX), Layer 1 web Sui, and Ethereum (ETH) Layer 2 zkEVM scaling solution Scroll, successful an effort to support nan world Web3 ecosystem development.