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Rainbow Six Siege precocious introduced a marque caller Elite Skin for the legendary Sam Fisher quality from the Splinter Cell games, who is besides known arsenic Zero successful the hero-based tactical shooter. After a agelong wait, fans volition yet beryllium capable to get the tegument acceptable that pays homage to Sam Fisher's archetypal attire from the Splinter Cell franchise.

This acceptable features a unsocial acceptable of cosmetics, overmuch similar immoderate different Elite Skin successful Siege. Players volition get each of them erstwhile they acquisition the acceptable from the in-game shop. This nonfiction volition usher players connected however to get the Third Echelon Elite Skin for Zero.

How to get the Third Echelon Elite Skin for Zero successful Rainbow Six Siege

Join Third Echelon, and go the eventual covert tract agent. Inspired by the archetypal Splinter Cell trilogy, Zero’s Elite Set is disposable now!

Similar to immoderate different Elite Skin, the Third Echelon acceptable for Zero volition besides see cosmetics and different items that a subordinate tin get on with the full collection. Here's however you tin get the Sam Fisher Elite Skin successful Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Go to the 'Shop' conception in-game and navigate to Uniforms.
  • Once you're connected the tab, look for Elites connected the apical section.
  • Click connected Elites and scroll down to find the latest released Elite set, Third Echelon.

Once you find the Sam Fisher Elite set, you tin acquisition the recently released bundle for 2160 R6 Credits. Premium Battlepass owners volition person a 10% discount for this acquisition and volition beryllium capable to bargain this tegument for the terms of 1944 R6 Credits.


Readers who are funny successful grabbing the iconic Elite Skin volition person the pursuing cosmetic items from the bundle:

  • Third Echelon Headgear (Legendary)
  • Third Echelon Uniform (Legendary)
  • Third Echelon Player Card (Legendary)
  • Golden Background for Elite Skin
  • Third Echelon Skin for Argus Launcher (Legendary)
  • Third Echelon Skin for each weapons (Legendary)
  • Zero Sam Fisher Chibi Weapon Charm (Legendary)
  • Third Echelon MVP animation (Legendary)

What does the Third Echelon Elite tegument mean for the Rainbow Six Siege community?


Long-time fans of the Splinter Cell franchise volition beryllium gladsome to perceive that this Elite Skin is yet featuring successful Rainbow Six Siege. Although Ubisoft hasn't announced immoderate imaginable merchandise day for a caller Splinter Cell game, fans were blessed to person Sam Fisher backmost successful the beingness with Rainbow Six Siege backmost successful Operation Shadow Legacy.

Interestingly, the quality has received an aged look with a acold much unsocial nickname. The caller Elite Skin surely does justness to his quality with a classical look and the phenomenal plan of his archetypal attire. Additionally, Ubisoft gives players the enactment to premix and lucifer cosmetics successful Rainbow Six Siege. This means that they tin usage a peculiar portion of Zero's azygous with different sets if they privation to.

This besides means that Zero's Third Echelon limb tegument tin beryllium utilized connected Operators who stock the aforesaid weapon. Operators similar Bandit tin usage the Third Echelon tegument connected the MP7, portion each different FBI operative tin usage the caller limb tegument for the Five-seven sidearm.

In general, Operation Solar Raid has been an implicit dainty for players successful Year 7. Ubisoft has generously introduced plentifulness of contented to the ongoing season, with a caller representation and Operator already a portion of the Operation. Alongside that, fans received tons of unsocial cosmetics, including the Altaïr, 2B, Brother NiER, and astir recently, the Third Echelon Elite acceptable for Operators.

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