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Once upon a time, to scan a QR codification successful Android, you had to instal a third-party application. Most of the time, that was fine. Every truthful often, however, you would install an app that included malware oregon ransomware, and things would spell decidedly wrong.

In absorption to that, Google added the quality to scan a QR codification into Google Assistant, but that was flaky astatine best. 

Sometimes the QR codification would scan, and different times Android would either instrumentality a photograph oregon Assistant would archer maine what I was looking at. 

I needed my telephone to simply work the QR code.

This became particularly problematic erstwhile the pandemic deed and a batch of restaurants I frequented added QR codes astatine each table, truthful their hold unit didn't person to travel into interaction with patrons. It was a astute solution to a challenging problem. 

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But erstwhile Android wasn't precisely built to easy scan those codes, the elemental enactment of ordering a repast became problematic. And due to the fact that I cognize what I know, I wasn't astir to instal a third-party QR codification scholar connected my phone. You see, I'm each astir minimalism erstwhile it comes to apps. Unless I perfectly needed it, it wouldn't get installed.

Turns out, I did request that QR codification reader.

Fortunately, with Android 13, Google has solved that problem. In fact, with Android 13, speechmaking QR codes is present rather easy. Let maine amusement you however it's done.

How to easy scan a QR codification successful Android 13


The lone happening you'll request for this is simply a instrumentality moving astatine slightest Android 13. That's it. Let's get to scanning those QR codes.

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The QR codification speechmaking diagnostic is focused connected the Quick Settings tiles, which are a postulation of tappable tiles astatine the apical of your Notification Shade. You tin adhd and region Quick Settings tiles, arsenic needed, to easy entree definite features. One specified diagnostic of Android 13 is the QR Code reader.

Pull down your Notification Shade doubly and pat connected the pencil icon to edit the Quick Settings tiles section.

The Quick Settings tiles edit button.

Editing the Quick Settings tiles connected Android 13.

Image: Jack Wallen

Scroll down until you spot Scan QR Code listed nether the Hold and resistance to adhd tiles section. Tap and resistance that tile until it's adjacent the apical of the Quick Settings tiles conception of the Notification Shade.

The Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile successful Android 13.

Adding the Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile to the Notification Shade.

Image: Jack Wallen

Once you've placed the Scan QR Code Quick Settings tiles wherever you privation it, pat the left-pointing arrow astatine the apical near of the window.

The Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile successful the Android 13 Notification Shade.

The Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile has been added.

Image: Jack Wallen

Using the Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile

At this point, whenever you request to scan a QR code, each you person to bash is propulsion down the Notification Shade, pat the Scan QR Code Quick Settings tile, and constituent the camera astatine the QR code. 

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There's nary request to instal a third-party app, unfastened Google Assistant, oregon adjacent fuss with your phone's camera. Just a mates of speedy taps, and your telephone is speechmaking those QR codes similar the champ it is.

Easy peasy.