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Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has acceptable 4 “essential criteria” for mapping zero discarded manner concern models, urging decision-makers and the manner manufacture to look beyond merchandise circularity and eco-design.

ZWE’s 4 indispensable criteria are plan for carnal and affectional durability, demand-driven accumulation to signifier retired “unsolds” and discounts, afloat proviso concatenation transparency and traceability post-sale and extending the use-phase aft archetypal ownership.

The latest ZWE report, Beyond Circular Fashion – a caller concern exemplary for the manner industry, maps the state-of-play of today’s accelerated manner concern model, which it says is based connected overconsumption, assets depletion, societal exploitation, fossil-based fibres and greenwashing.

Published successful the discourse of the EU Textiles Strategy, the study states that existing approaches and initiatives to making manner just and sustainable, portion an important measurement forward, are “insufficient” successful addressing harmful concern models.

With this report, we are establishing guidance for businesses to go genuinely sustainable.

Waste Policy Officer astatine ZWE, Theresa Morsen, said: “With this report, we are establishing guidance for businesses to go genuinely sustainable, ending overproduction and depletion to respect planetary boundaries.

“This volition assistance scaling up sustainable concern models and ZWE intends to empower pioneers successful this field.”

The Beyond Circular Fashion study follows the footsteps of ZWE’s New Energy for Europe manifesto (November 2022).

In the manifesto, ZWE urges the European Union to regenerate the existent economical maturation exemplary with a caller task based connected wellbeing, sufficiency and resilience – with “special attention” paid to the request for assets usage simplification and ratio to respect planetary boundaries.