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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture accentuated that younker improvement is 1 of the precedence programs successful 2023 to recognize fantabulous and prime quality resources.

"Youth improvement becomes a precedence to recognize prime quality resources and generation," the ministry's Deputy for Coordination of Children, Women, and Youth Quality Improvement, Femmy Eka Kartika Putri, noted successful her connection present connected Tuesday.

Putri highlighted 3 absorption areas for younker improvement successful the Government Work Program 2023, with the archetypal being, the strengthening of cross-sectoral younker services, particularly the coordination betwixt cardinal and determination governments.

The 2nd country of absorption is expanding the progressive information of younker done innovation- and technology-based entrepreneurship arsenic good arsenic taking steps to forestall risky behaviors among youngsters, specified arsenic bullying, intolerance, and escaped sex.

Under the 3rd priority, the ministry is besides encouraging determination governments to optimize the relation of younker successful improvement programs.

"The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture is besides encouraging the betterment of determination heads' committedness to younker development," she remarked.

According to Putri, younker improvement is simply a supporting origin for facing demographic dividends.

"This is crucial, considering that Indonesia volition soon execute a demographic dividend, truthful it indispensable beryllium utilized well. Through assorted intensive efforts, it is expected that Indonesia's productive property (population) volition beryllium filled with healthy, educated, and skilled people," she stated.

She further noted that the improvement of prime quality resources should beryllium started aboriginal on, close from the wellness and acquisition aspects.

"Thus, it volition enactment assorted efforts to recognize prime quality resources to invited a demographic dividend," she stated.

Putri noted that prime quality resources would play a strategical relation successful supporting economical and societal improvement arsenic good arsenic expanding the nation's welfare.

"The authorities is encouraging youngsters to lend to nationalist development, particularly quality assets development, by improving their skills and potential," she remarked.

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