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A punishing wintertime tempest that dumped multiple feet of snow crossed overmuch of America led to wide formation cancellations implicit the Christmas holiday. By Monday, aerial question was much oregon little backmost to mean – unless you booked your vacation question with Southwest Airlines.

More than 90% of Wednesday’s US formation cancellations were Southwest flights, according to formation tracking website FlightAware. Southwest canceled much than 2,500 flights. The adjacent highest: SkyWest, with 77.

Southwest warned that it would continue canceling flights until it could get its operations backmost connected track. The company’s CEO said this has been the biggest disruption he’s seen successful his career. The Biden medication is investigating.

What gives? Southwest had a operation of atrocious luck and atrocious planning.

The tempest deed Chicago and Denver hard, wherever Southwest has 2 of its biggest hubs – Chicago Midway airdrome and Denver International airport.

More atrocious luck: The tempest deed conscionable arsenic the alleged tripledemic surged crossed America, leaving radical and their families sick with Covid, the flu and RSV. Although Southwest says it was afloat staffed for the vacation weekend, unwellness makes adjusting to accrued strategy accent difficult. Many airlines inactive lack capable staff to retrieve erstwhile events similar atrocious upwind origin delays oregon formation crews max retired the hours they’re allowed to enactment nether national information regulations.

But Southwest (LUV) besides wounded itself with an assertive docket and by underinvesting successful its operations.

Southwest’s docket includes shorter flights with tighter turnaround times, which are causing immoderate of the problems, Kathleen Bangs, a FlightAware spokesperson, told CNN.

“Those turnaround times bog things down,” Bangs said.

Stranded customers person been incapable to get done to Southwest’s lawsuit work lines to rebook flights oregon find mislaid baggage.

Employees besides said they person not been capable to pass with the airline, the president of the national that represents Southwest’s formation attendants told CNN Monday.

“The telephone strategy the institution uses is conscionable not working,” Lyn Montgomery, President of TWU Local 556, told CNN’s Pamela Brown. “They’re conscionable not manned with capable manpower successful bid to springiness the scheduling changes to formation attendants, and that’s created a ripple effect that is creating chaos passim the nation.”

On a telephone with employees Monday, Southwest Chief Operating Officer Andrew Watterson explained that the company’s outdated scheduling bundle rapidly became the main culprit of the cancellations erstwhile the tempest cleared, according to a transcript of the telephone that was obtained by CNN from an aviation source.

The utmost cold, crystal and snowfall grounded planes and near immoderate unit members stranded, truthful Southwest’s unit schedulers worked furiously to enactment a caller docket together, matching disposable unit with craft that were acceptable to fly. But the Federal Aviation Administration strictly regulates erstwhile formation crews tin work, complicating Southwest’s scheduling efforts.

“The process of matching up those unit members with the craft could not beryllium handled by our technology,” Watterson said.

Southwest ended up with planes that were acceptable to instrumentality disconnected with disposable crew, but the company’s scheduling bundle wasn’t capable to lucifer them rapidly and accurately, Watterson added.

“As a result, we had to inquire our unit schedulers to bash this manually, and it’s extraordinarily difficult,” helium said. “That is simply a tedious, agelong process.”

Watterson noted that manual scheduling near Southwest gathering an incredibly delicate location of cards that could rapidly tumble erstwhile the institution encountered a problem.

“They would marque large progress, and past immoderate different disruption would happen, and it would unravel their work,” Watterson said. “So, we spent aggregate days wherever we benignant of got adjacent to finishing the problem, and past it had to beryllium reset.”

In reducing the company’s flights by 2 thirds, Southwest should person “more than ample unit resources to grip that magnitude of activity,” Watterson said.

The problems Southwest faces person been brewing for a agelong time, said Captain Casey Murray, the president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association.

“We’ve been having these issues for the past 20 months,” helium told CNN. “We’ve seen these sorts of meltdowns hap connected a overmuch much regular ground and it truly conscionable has to bash with outdated processes and outdated IT.”

He said the airline’s operations haven’t changed overmuch since the 1990s.

“It’s phones, it’s computers, it’s processing power, it’s the programs utilized to link america to airplanes – that’s wherever the occupation lies, and it’s systemic passim the full airline,” helium said.

Southwest CEO Bob Jordan, successful a connection to employees obtained by CNN, acknowledged galore of Murray’s concerns, and promised the institution volition put successful amended systems.

“Part of what we’re suffering is simply a deficiency of tools,” Jordan told employees. “We’ve talked an atrocious batch astir modernizing the operation, and the request to bash that.”

He said the hose is “committed to and invested in” improving its systems, but “we request to beryllium capable to nutrient solutions faster.”

President Joe Biden connected Tuesday urged consumers to check if they’re eligible for compensation arsenic cascading hose delays person disrupted vacation question crossed the country.

“Our Administration is moving to guarantee airlines are held accountable,” Biden tweeted.

The US Department of Transportation said it is investigating.

“USDOT is acrophobic by Southwest’s unacceptable complaint of cancellations and delays & reports of deficiency of punctual lawsuit service,” the bureau tweeted. “The Department volition analyse whether cancellations were controllable and if Southwest is complying with its lawsuit work plan.”

To recover, Jordan told the Wall Street Journal the institution plans to run conscionable implicit a 3rd of its docket successful upcoming days to springiness itself the quality for crews to get into the close positions.

If this is each ringing a bell, that’s due to the fact that this isn’t the archetypal clip Southwest’s work melted down successful epic fashion. In October 2021, Southwest canceled much than 2,000 flights implicit a four-day period, costing the hose $75 million.

Southwest blamed that work meltdown connected a operation of atrocious upwind successful Florida, a little occupation with aerial postulation power successful the country and a deficiency of disposable unit to set to those problems. It has admitted it was having work problems caused by abbreviated staffing adjacent earlier the thousands of canceled flights stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Similar to this month’s work mayhem, Southwest fared acold worse than its competitors past October. While Southwest canceled hundreds of flights successful the days pursuing the highest of October’s disruption, competitors rapidly returned to mean service.

Later that month, connected a telephone with Wall Street analysts, then-CEO Gary Kelly said the institution had made adjustments to forestall a akin meltdown successful the future.

“We person reined successful our capableness plans to set to the existent staffing environment, and our ontime show has improved, accordingly,” said Kelly connected October 21. “We are aggressively hiring to a extremity of astir 5,000 caller employees by the extremity of this year, and we are presently much than halfway toward that goal.”

And, conscionable similar the latest disruption, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association claimed the cancellations were owed to “management’s mediocre planning.”

– CNN’s Ross Levitt contributed to this report

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