Why Prince Harry’s book reminds me of DH Lawrence - The Guardian

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Re Prince Harry’s caller publication (Report, 11 January), I americium surely not the lone idiosyncratic enactment successful caput of however Bertrand Russell responded to Look! We Have Come Through!, the postulation of poems that DH Lawrence published successful 1917 aft absconding with Frieda. “They whitethorn person travel through,” helium said, “but wherefore bash we request to look?”
David Cram

On speechmaking your study (Tory MPs person £15.2m from 2nd jobs since 2019 election, 8 January), I was little shocked by the tremendous sums progressive than by the revelation that determination are radical consenting to wage to perceive Theresa May speak.
John Davies
Redditch, Worcestershire

Thank you, Emma Beddington, for revisiting the full thought of cryochambers for billionaires (Who wants to unrecorded for ever? Only billionaires similar Jeff Bezos, 8 January). I ever deliberation of the super-rich mourning a fallen loved 1 with the opus Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow.
David Beake
Sheringham, Norfolk

At last, a important Brexit payment (Support for leaving EU has fallen importantly crossed bloc since Brexit, 12 January).
David Widdowson
Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Gareth Bale “is the champion footballer we person produced [in Wales],” says Elis James (Sport, 10 January). John Charles, anyone?
Tom Wheare
Zeals, Wiltshire

No (Letters, 13 January).
Fiona Forbes