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amazon kids positive explained

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If you’ve invested successful an Amazon Fire tablet oregon a Kindle for a child, you’re definite to person noticed that it comes with a escaped year-long subscription work for Amazon Kids Plus. It sounds similar the perfect mode to support kids entertained connected agelong journeys oregon portion you’re relaxing yourself, but if you request to cognize much astir the specifics of the service, however it works, and what it offers, we’ve answered each the cardinal questions below.

Essentially, Kids Plus is designed arsenic a mode to support kids utilizing these devices without needing changeless supervision, tailoring the contented disposable for them to circumstantial child-friendly shows, movies, books and games. It’ll automatically renew aft that year-long trial, though, truthful it’s worthy knowing what’s included truthful you tin determine whether you request to enactment signed up oregon if you won’t marque usage of the extras.

What is Amazon Kids Plus?

In a nutshell, Amazon Kids Plus is simply a child-friendly room of apps, books and games that’s positioned arsenic a mode to present contented for kids without parents needing to interest astir spending much connected idiosyncratic purchases. The work works connected a wide scope of Amazon devices including Fire tablets, Kindles, Fire TV sticks, Echo devices, connected Chromebooks, and different Android oregon iOS tablets oregon phones. It includes a harmless web browser that is perfect for utilizing the net for probe portion blocking mature contented and societal media. It’s besides imaginable to artifact entree to the browser wholly if you privation to.


How does Amazon Kids Plus work?

So, however bash you support this nether control? This kid-friendly amusement hub is each controlled done the “Amazon Parent Dashboard”. This is wherever parents negociate profiles (for up to 4 kids), and cheque connected the books and videos that children tin access. In summation to monitoring activity, it’s besides wherever parents tin acceptable clip limits, nonstop implicit contented from their ain idiosyncratic library, set property filter settings, oregon “pause” a instrumentality entirely. Made with kids aged 3-12 successful mind, the contented disposable done Kids Plus is sorted into 3 tiers: for children aged 3-6, aged 6-8 and 9-12, and it includes worldly from Disney, Lego and Warner Bros (more connected that below).

Amazon Kids Plus


What is disposable connected Amazon Kids Plus?

For children, utilizing Kids Plus is an ad-free acquisition that gives them access to thousands of books, audiobooks, acquisition apps, movies, shows and games. The illustration that has been acceptable up by a genitor is what the kid volition usage to log successful connected compatible devices. Kids successful the youngest tier volition find TV bid similar Paw Patrol, Thomas & Friends and Peppa Pig, portion kids betwixt 6-8 volition beryllium capable to ticker Shrek films and Lego shows, on with Disney games and Mr Men, Harry Potter and Guinness World Records books. Those browsing successful the tier for those aged betwixt 9 and 12 volition find much Amazon Original shows including Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny and Just Add Magic, arsenic good arsenic Nickelodeon shows similar Victorious and books specified arsenic Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny and The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, each included wrong the monthly price.

It’s besides worthy noting that children can’t exit Kids Plus without a PIN acceptable by their parents and managed done the Parent Dashboard. You’ll privation to instrumentality enactment of what this PIN is aft you’ve acceptable it.

amazon kids positive explained


Is Amazon Kids Plus included with Prime?

Kids Plus isn’t included with Prime for free. However, being a Prime member volition trim the terms of the subscription. You’ll find that it’s £3.99 a period alternatively than £6.99 a month, oregon £38 a year.

How overmuch is Amazon Kids Plus?

Amazon Kids Plus costs £6.99 a period arsenic standard, though Amazon Prime members tin get it astatine a large reduction, for conscionable £3.99 a month. Prefer to wage yearly? It’s £68 for non-Prime members oregon £38 for Prime members.


Can you usage an Amazon kids tablet without a subscription?

Yes, it’s afloat imaginable to usage the kid's variant of the tablet arsenic a mean tablet done immoderate of the antithetic profiles disposable connected the device. The Kids Edition interface volition lone use to idiosyncratic profiles that are acceptable up arsenic children’s accounts, truthful you tin usage the slate arsenic a regular Fire tablet done immoderate non-kids profile.

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