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Welcome to this variation of the Weekly Political Compass from Teneo’s governmental hazard advisory team!

This week, we are taking a person look astatine Ghana’s indebtedness speech efforts. Meanwhile, elder US and Chinese decision-makers volition meet, Germany volition get a caller defence secretary, protestors are calling connected Peru’s president to resign, and South Africa’s person has cancelled his travel to Davos. Our graph of the week zooms successful connected highly skilled employees.

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Global Snapshot

Ghana’s authorities has erstwhile again extended the voluntary sign-up deadline for its home indebtedness speech program. Manji Cheto, our Africa expert, answers 3 cardinal questions.

What happened?

The voluntary sign-up deadline has been delayed from 16 January to 31 January. This makes it the 3rd extension, pursuing a backlash from home creditors.

What are home creditors astir acrophobic about?

The existent backlash is implicit concerns astir the imaginable antagonistic interaction of home indebtedness restructuring connected section commercialized banks, with galore expressing fears of a imaginable situation successful the banking sector.

What are the implications for the restructuring timeline ahead?

The latest improvement points to a apt protracted indebtedness restructuring process. Individual bondholders – who the authorities had antecedently excluded from participating successful the indebtedness restructuring process, but present says they indispensable beryllium included – person besides been angered by the U-turn.

What to Watch



The Bank of Japan’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) volition denote its adjacent determination connected 18 January (Tokyo time) amid speculation that it volition beryllium forced to efficaciously rise involvement rates for a 2nd consecutive month. Market unit has been gathering since the MPC’s daze determination successful December to widen the people bands for ten-year authorities bonds by 25 bps to +/-0.5%, with the slope reportedly undertaking mammoth enslaved purchases of up to JPY 4.6tn (USD 36bn) a time past week to support that higher peg.


Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the girl of erstwhile premier curate Thaksin Shinawatra, has announced her volition to question the premier ministership successful the upcoming elections, which indispensable beryllium held by 7 May astatine the latest. Her candidacy volition apt revitalize her father’s networks and supply a important boost to the absorption For Thais (PT) party. This raises the imaginable of governmental instability if PT wins adjacent to a bulk of the 500-seat little house, but she is denied the presumption due to the fact that the junta appointed 250-seat legislature throws its enactment to a antithetic candidate.


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen volition conscionable Vice Premier Liu He, China's apical economical policymaker, successful Zurich connected 18 January, marking the 2 officials' first-ever in-person meeting. Bilateral engagement has accrued since the 2 presidents, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, met successful Bali past November, and some sides look motivated to stabilize relations.


President Nguyen Xuan Phuc resigned contiguous from his authorities and enactment positions, the casualty of an anti-corruption run that has ensnared high-ranking officials implicit the past year. The contiguous repercussions of Phuc’s downfall successful presumption of wide governmental stableness volition beryllium constricted due to the fact that the president, whose presumption successful the past was considered chiefly ceremonial, is the weakest among the triumvirate that leads Vietnam, beneath the communist enactment wide caput and premier minister, and Phuc does not correspond a competing faction. Nonetheless, determination are signs that much officials adjacent to the party’s information apparatus are gaining powerfulness and the anti-corruption run could effect successful greater caution by bureaucrats and authorities officials.



The person of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Kornelia Ninova is improbable to win successful forming a government. On 16 January, President Rumen Radev (independent) nominated Ninova arsenic premier minister-designate successful the last effort to signifier a authorities aft the October parliamentary elections. Ninova has until adjacent Monday, 23 January, to suggest her furniture and triumph a parliamentary ballot of assurance by a elemental majority. Ninova intends to clasp a gathering of leaders of each parliamentary parties earlier deciding whether to proceed with furniture formation. However, the chances of occurrence look debased fixed persisting disagreements among governmental parties and the subdued enactment for Ninova’s candidacy. As a result, the state volition apt caput to different aboriginal parliamentary predetermination successful March oregon April.


Chancellor Olaf Scholz has amazed commentators with his prime of a caller defence secretary. Boris Pistorius, a blimpish and often outspoken subordinate of Scholz’s Social Democrats (SPD), volition permission his relation arsenic determination interior curate successful Lower Saxony and regenerate Christine Lambrecht successful Berlin. Pistorius’ information whitethorn let the SPD to summation its governmental ownership of the propulsion to amended Germany’s subject capabilities.


On 21 January, Slovaks volition caput to the polls successful a referendum which is improbable to scope the indispensable 50% turnout to beryllium deemed arsenic valid. The referendum question is whether voters hold to law changes that would let the National Council (parliament) terminate its word by an implicit bulk ballot of MPs. The ballot was initiated by the absorption Direction – Slovak Social Democracy (SMER-SD) enactment – led by erstwhile premier curate Robert Fico – by collecting astir 381,000 signatures from citizens. However, fixed a protracted governmental situation successful the country, discussions successful parliament connected holding drawback wide elections are acceptable to proceed successful the coming weeks.


The statement astir the day of the statesmanlike and parliamentary elections is acceptable to vigor up. Erdogan and his allies signaled that the authorities mightiness see holding elections earlier than the scheduled day of 18 June. In the astir apt scenario, elections volition beryllium brought guardant to 7 May oregon 14 May. The escaped absorption confederation known arsenic “Table of 6 – T6” is expected to denote its programme for authorities by the extremity of January. Meanwhile, the powerfulness conflict continues wrong the T6 implicit who gets the statesmanlike nomination.


Talks betwixt the authorities and the European Commission astir the Northern Ireland protocol are intensifying. Negotiations volition apt proceed for respective weeks earlier a last woody tin beryllium announced. The method substance of what volition apt beryllium agreed remains unchanged, including an further level of arbitration earlier contested issues would spell to the Court of Justice of the EU. However, selling specified compromises to the Conservatives’ close helping arsenic good arsenic to Northern Irish unionists remains the cardinal governmental challenge.



The 3rd week of the Lula medication volition person a greater economical absorption with the information of 2 apical ministers astatine Davos. Finance Minister Fernando Haddad and Environment Minister Marina Silva volition talk astir fiscal resilience and clime change. Haddad announced a bundle of measures to power the shortage past week which had amended reception than expected. Silva personifies a instrumentality to sustainability and accountability successful the environment. The week volition spot further attraction paid to the destiny of much than 1,500 arrested rioters and the accusation of erstwhile president Jair Bolsonaro himself successful the incitation of crimes against democracy. Former Bolsonaro Justice Minister Anderson Torres, who took bureau arsenic information caput successful Brasilia and was lenient with rioters, was recovered to person drafted a “state of defense” decree intended to let the president to annul electoral tribunal decisions and cull predetermination results.


Protestors demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress are aiming to ratchet up the unit against the authorities with a nationalist onslaught connected 19 January. Organizers volition beryllium hoping that protests instrumentality clasp successful Lima; truthful far, protests successful the superior person not been major, though if they turn successful size, it would summation the unit connected Boluarte, particularly arsenic information forces look incapable oregon unwilling to constabulary protests without resorting to excessive force. Boluarte, who issued a partial apology for the convulsive effect to protests precocious past week, has called connected Congress to bring guardant a ballot that would cement a caller predetermination timetable successful the anticipation that it helps diminish protests. To that end, determination is an inaugural nether information that would bring guardant the opening of the adjacent legislature league to mid-February. The question is whether Boluarte, whose disapproval standing has deed 71% according to 1 canvass carried retired past week, tin clasp retired until then.


South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has canceled his travel to Davos arsenic South Africa’s powerfulness situation deepens. Embattled powerfulness inferior Eskom has imposed ‘stage 6’ load-shedding until further notice. Combined with vigor regulator Nersa’s latest announcement of an 18.65% hike successful energy tariffs, the latest outages person prompted ineligible enactment and calls for protests and a nationalist shutdown.

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