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And you, my dear—the aged pistillate successful Rosalie’s imaginativeness says present to the pistillate with the mariticidal aspiration—you, too, should instrumentality a pear a day; it’s a tonic that’ll bash you good, and it’ll support you surviving longer than your husband. Let that saccharine and dilatory poison bash its occupation properly, won’t you?

Indeed, wherefore the hurry to get successful beforehand of a moving train? Why not fto a decease beryllium timely, alternatively than disrupting the docket of a nationalist obstruction system? Rosalie considered penning these questions down successful her notebook, but they would marque it dependable arsenic though she were having an statement with Marcie, oregon with the alien who had died that morning. “Never argue” was Rosalie’s motto; especially, ne'er reason with the dead.

The past book—books, successful fact, 3 novels successful a azygous volume—that Marcie and Rosalie had discussed was Ágota Kristóf’s “The Notebook Trilogy.” It was not the past publication Marcie had read—what that had been Rosalie would ne'er know. The stack connected Marcie’s desk, astatine the clip of her death, included a communicative postulation by Kelly Link, the collected poems of Elizabeth Bishop, a François Mauriac novel, and a publication of La Fontaine’s fables. The books, similar others before, had been taken from Rosalie’s shelves, with oregon without her recommendation.

Rosalie had work the Kristóf trilogy during a cultural-exchange travel to Moscow. The communicative labyrinth of the novels had baffled her. Corridors built of metaphorical mirrors, existent and fake doubles, reflections of reflections—all those devices which mightiness fascinate oregon frustrate a reader, though Rosalie had felt neither fascination nor frustration. What she had wanted was to speech with idiosyncratic astir the novels, and truthful she had asked Marcie to work them.

“I can’t judge you asked maine to work these books,” Marcie said erstwhile she had finished.

“Are they confusing?” Rosalie asked. “I was confused, too.”

“Confusing? No. But they’re rather, what bash you telephone it, graphic.”

“They’re not pornography.”

“They’re worse than pornography.” Marcie, who by mediate schoolhouse had go a amended navigator and baker than Rosalie, was carving retired balls of cantaloupe with an ice-cream scoop. “I deliberation they whitethorn person permanently destroyed my appetite.”

There was plentifulness of unit successful the trilogy: rapes, mutilations, executions. Before Marcie’s remark, it had not occurred to Rosalie that the books mightiness not beryllium age-appropriate. In eighth grade, Marcie had quoted C. S. Lewis successful her exertion to a highly selective prep school—“I fancy that astir of those who deliberation astatine each person done a large woody of their reasoning successful the archetypal fourteen years”—and past gone connected to catalogue each the reasoning she had done. Might not this travel crossed arsenic a bit . . . arrogant? Rosalie had asked, and Marcie had replied that, if immoderate of the adults dared to justice her so, it was they who were arrogant. They, Marcie had said, alternatively of you, thus, to Rosalie’s relief, excluding her from the indictment. If those adults judged her, it meant that they had not done their stock of reasoning erstwhile they were young; older now, they felt they had a close to dainty children similar miniature poodles. “Miniature poodles, I’m telling you!” Marcie had said with a vehement shudder. “Not adjacent modular poodles!”

Rosalie watched Marcie put balls of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon successful a solid bowl, past compression fractional a lime implicit them earlier sprinkling immoderate brackish flakes connected top. The vessel of melon was Marcie’s day snack. Rosalie had nary thought wherever Marcie had acquired specified a demanding modular for mundane living; she herself would person eaten a portion of melon implicit the sink.

“I deliberation your appetite is going to beryllium each right,” Rosalie said.

Marcie pointed a two-pronged fork astatine Rosalie. “Sometimes things are all right, until they crook all wrong.”

“Where did that fork travel from?” Rosalie said. The fork, slender, with a pinkish metallic hue, was unfamiliar.

“I bought it. The colour is called roseate gold. I liked however ‘rose gold’ sounded.”

That speech had taken spot the week earlier Marcie started astatine the prep schoolhouse she had applied to with her youthful confidence. Three weeks later, during 2nd period, she walked disconnected the field to a adjacent railway. For immoderate clip afterward, Rosalie had replayed their speech implicit the tricolored melon balls. She wondered if she had missed thing that Marcie had been trying to archer her. Would rereading “The Notebook Trilogy” assistance her? It occurred to her that astatine slightest Marcie had known, conscionable shy of sixteen, that the satellite had the imaginable to beryllium arsenic convulsive and bleak arsenic thing written by Ágota Kristóf. The satellite was not arsenic bland and harmless arsenic it was successful those novels with long-haired girls connected the covers, which had been devoured by Marcie’s classmates successful mediate school. “OMG, I CANNOT STAND THEM. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID,” Marcie had said a fewer times, with specified passionateness that Rosalie could spot each connection successful superior letters. But a miss who work those novels mightiness not truthful resolutely springiness up each hope. There were much books with long-haired girls connected the covers than had been written by Kristóf.

“Someday you should bespeak connected the mistakes you made. I’m not saying now, of course. Now whitethorn beryllium excessively soon,” Rosalie’s parent had said connected the telephone a fewer months aft Marcie’s death.

“What bash you mean?” Rosalie asked. Like galore people, she asked that question lone erstwhile she knew perfectly good what the different idiosyncratic meant. It was much astir earning a infinitesimal for herself, similar a tennis subordinate flexing her legs, bouncing, readying herself to instrumentality a serve.

“Any clip a kid chooses that mode out, you person to wonderment what the parents did,” Rosalie’s mother, who refused to usage the words “died” oregon “suicide” but was O.K. with “passed away” oregon “took her ain life,” elaborated.

It was cruel, what her parent had said to Rosalie, but it was acold from the cruellest happening she had ever said. Besides, Rosalie knew that her parent was lone expressing what different radical tried not to, immoderate little successfully than others. The week aft Marcie’s death, the parent of 1 of her middle-school friends texted Rosalie, conveying her condolences and ending the speech with “I’ve work that determination are ways to cure teen depression. Didn’t you guys know?”

Parenting was a trial. The fortunate ones were inactive making a lawsuit for themselves, with cautious oregon unsighted optimism. Rosalie and Dan had received their verdict.

Rosalie had decided to instrumentality a travel by herself conscionable arsenic the Delta variant of COVID started to summation notoriety. She often travelled unsocial for work, but, successful the past, vacation trips had belonged to the family. Dan had not questioned her decision. He was going to teardrop down the sunroom, which had been successful a dilapidated authorities for immoderate years, and his program was to physique a caller sunroom during his abrogation time—well, arsenic overmuch of it arsenic helium could; helium could walk consequent weekends connected the last touches. To toil successful the North Carolina heat—just reasoning astir it made Rosalie consciousness exhausted, but, since Marcie’s death, Rosalie and Dan had learned that a shared symptom was simply that, a imperishable beingness of a imperishable lack successful some their lives. There was nary shared cure, not adjacent a shared alleviation. There was nary constituent successful comparing the hazard of her travelling during a inactive rampant pandemic to the hazard of his injuring his backmost with dense lifting nether the blistery sun.

One specialty of the Netherlands, for a visitor, is its picturesqueness. “What is the usage of a publication without pictures oregon conversations?” Alice asks, sensibly, earlier going down the rabbit hole. She mightiness arsenic good person asked, What is the usage of a beingness without pictures oregon conversations? For a week, Rosalie took photographs of canals and windmills, of wheels of food and parades of blue-and-white figurines successful shopwindows, of depository gardens and marketplace stalls. Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Haarlem—all were picture-perfect, conscionable arsenic she knew Brussels and Ghent and Bruges would be, connected the adjacent limb of her trip. Marcie would person jeered astatine Rosalie’s behaviour arsenic a tourist; she would person quizzed Rosalie connected the Benelux countries successful bid to show to Rosalie her ignorance of the portion she truthful avidly photographed; Marcie would person said, “What’s the usage of this skimming connected life’s aboveground arsenic though that would bash the trick?”

How bash you cognize it won’t work? Rosalie would person replied; is it not the aforesaid arsenic your baking those cookies with the cleanable jam decoration? She past realized that, erstwhile again, she was backmost astatine the aforesaid argument, the 1 that Marcie had already and definitively won. What’s the usage of an statement without the committedness of further arguments?

Rosalie sent the champion of her question pictures to Dan. In return, helium sent photographic documentation of his progress: piles of rotten wood, pristine planks archetypal stacked and past nailed into the close places, caller windows with cardboard wrapped astir the corners, paint-sample strips and cans, bare brew bottles successful the garage, arranged successful groups of ten, similar bowling pins. Skimming was preferable to dredging a bottomless pain. Every genitor who has mislaid a kid volition 1 time dice of that chronic affliction. Why not fto the saccharine pears bash their work?

The bid to Brussels arrived. All waiting has an extremity point, Rosalie thought, and instantly her different aforesaid said, All waiting? Surely immoderate waiting volition ever stay that: waiting.

Like what? Rosalie felt obliged to ask.

Like waiting to beryllium contacted by an E.T., waiting to triumph a Nobel Prize successful Physics, waiting to judge successful an afterlife.

Oh, you unbending soul. Life is held unneurotic by imprecise words and inexact thoughts. What’s the constituent of picking astatine each azygous connection persistently until the seam comes undone?

Rosalie utilized not to person truthful galore quibbles with herself. Had she developed this tiresome wont due to the fact that of Marcie’s death? Marcie would person said close away, Don’t you situation blasted thing connected me. That Rosalie had never, portion Marcie was alive, fixed her an accidental to talk that line—was that a comfortableness for either of them? Rosalie wished she had spoken a saltation of the enactment to her ain mother, though it was excessively late. Her parent had died 2 months earlier. Were determination an afterlife, she would person conveyed a connection to Rosalie by now, pointing retired that her decease and her afterlife, some being disagreeable, were Rosalie’s fault, conscionable arsenic her beingness earlier decease had been afloat of disappointments caused by having to beryllium a parent to Rosalie, for whom she had abandoned her grooming successful architecture. She had ne'er stopped believing that she had been destined for fame and accolades, each sacrificed for Rosalie.

“Hey, honey, are you coming location from enactment anytime soon?”

Cartoon by Brooke Bourgeois

Would her parent person asked Marcie to springiness a daughter’s relationship of Rosalie’s failures successful motherhood?

Despite the earlier cancelled trains, the carriage Rosalie settled down successful was not crowded. She counted a household of three, a young couple, and a fewer passengers travelling alone. A woman, tightly doubled-masked, looked backmost and distant respective times, checking connected each of the different passengers arsenic though assessing the imaginable menace they posed, earlier putting herself into a spot crossed the aisle from Rosalie, her hands supporting her little back. Thirty-seven oregon thirty-eight weeks pregnant? Maybe adjacent forty, Rosalie estimated, looking astatine the imprint of the woman’s navel, protruding unabashedly against her bladed achromatic maternity blouse.

Rosalie remembered learning, successful a assemblage science course, astir however large women were apt to deliberation that, statistically, much women were getting large than successful the past, but that it was lone a instrumentality of their attention. Were it not for the pandemic, would Rosalie person noticed connected this travel much young radical astir the property that Marcie would person been? After her death, a grief counsellor had explained to Rosalie and Dan that each sorts of mundane things mightiness devastate them without warning: a hairpin, a ballpoint pen, a miss Marcie’s property walking down the street, with the aforesaid hairsbreadth benignant oregon successful a akin dress. None of these, however, had happened to Rosalie. The full wide satellite was wherever Marcie was not; Rosalie did not request immoderate reminder of that fact.

Marcie would person turned nineteen connected her adjacent birthday. Immediately aft her death, Rosalie had written successful a notebook that her girl would present stay 15 forever, and she—Rosalie—would ne'er cognize what Marcie would person been astatine sixteen, oregon seventeen, oregon twenty-six, oregon forty-two. What amazed Rosalie—and truthful fewer things amazed a genitor aft the decease of a kid that this realization had struck her with a blunt force; she would person called it an epiphany had she been religious, oregon the benignant of writer who believed successful epiphanies—was that, contrary to her assumption, Marcie had not stayed fifteen. Her friends had continued progressing, going done precocious school, and they were present astir to permission for college. Marcie, too, had aged successful Rosalie’s mind. Not successful a physically disposable manner—Rosalie would ne'er let herself to ideate a miss who looked immoderate antithetic from the 1 she had dropped disconnected astatine the schoolhouse gross connected the final, fatal morning. “I privation you to retrieve the surviving Marcie,” the ceremonial manager had said mildly connected the phone, explaining his determination not to let Rosalie and Dan to presumption Marcie’s assemblage earlier the cremation. “I don’t privation you to ever dwell connected her past moments. That’s not what her beingness was about.”