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Your favourite idols are taking the clip to reply immoderate of the biggest questions surrounding K-pop successful a caller documentary!

TVING’s archetypal “K-Pop Generation” introduces a caller format of “factual entertainment” by adding archiving and dramatization to a documentary. Top-notch artists representing K-pop including Kangta, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Sunmi, SHINee’s Minho, 2PM, Highlight, EXO’s Suho, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, NCT’s Doyoung, Stray Kids, TXT, AleXa, ENHYPEN, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM arsenic good arsenic overseas artists JO1, SB19, and NiziU volition look according to the taxable of each episode.

Following the merchandise of the archetypal teaser, TVING released different sneak peek of the documentary that volition shed immoderate airy connected the fast-growing K-pop manufacture and the lives of K-pop idols wrong it.

The trailer features a full lineup of stars spanning aggregate generations of K-pop arsenic they beryllium down to speech astir what it means to beryllium an idol, the euphony they make, their fans, and the expectations that travel them each measurement of the way. Stray Kids’ I.N describes K-pop arsenic a broad signifier of art, referring to however each of the components marque up the bigger representation we see.

Kim Do Hoon, CEO of RBW, comments however the fans are the ones who person made this full manufacture possible. “It was truly interesting,” says SHINee’s Minho. “I didn’t bash anything, truthful wherefore bash [the fans] similar me?”

The teaser past goes connected to item conscionable however overmuch of an interaction K-pop has had astir the world, contrary to what idols whitethorn feel. Fans who person made YouTube channels to amusement their emotion for K-pop, K-pop critics, and adjacent scholars are shown sharing their opinions astir the euphony genre and manufacture arsenic good arsenic praising the interaction they person had connected a planetary scale.

Lee Sung Su, CEO of SM Entertainment, past comments, “It’s a crippled that doesn’t person a close answer. That’s due to the fact that it’s not thing arsenic clear-cut arsenic saying thing similar 1 positive 1 equals two.” To backmost up his point, Highlight’s Yoseob recounts however they started retired arsenic the radical BEAST and came backmost unneurotic arsenic Highlight.

The ambiance turns a spot much superior arsenic the idols recount immoderate of the worries and fears that travel on with specified impactful work. TXT’s Taehyun says, “Back then, I couldn’t recognize my world. It’s not easy.”

“I’m acrophobic that they’ll think, ‘Huh? Where’s the ENHYPEN I knew?'” admits ENHYPEN’s Jungwon, portion IVE’s An Yu Jin recalls however determination are galore misunderstandings that hap successful her enactment of work.

“Why can’t I conscionable springiness up?” says MAMAMOO’s Hwasa with a laugh.

But contempt the pugnacious times, 1 happening ties each of these artists together. “I bash privation to support being an idol successful the future,” says EXO’s Suho, perfectly summing up what’s apt connected each K-pop idol’s mind.

The teaser wraps up with the words, “The essence of K-pop is dreams,” leaving viewers feeling inspired, hopeful, and funny to cognize the afloat story.

Watch the afloat teaser below!

“K-Pop Generation” is acceptable to premiere connected January 26. Stay tuned for much updates!

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