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Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2's adjacent large update whitethorn beryllium a period out.

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The highly-anticipated 2nd play of Warzone 2 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II may beryllium delayed according toa caller leak. This is atrocious quality for players hopeless for caller contented who person been expecting a large update connected February 1st.

The past clip the crippled was updated beyond playlist updates and bug fixes was the merchandise of Season 1 Reloaded connected December 14th. However, this update lone added a tiny magnitude of caller content. The 2 caller maps added since launch—Shipment and Shoot House—were connected 24/7 rotation successful Modern Warfare 2019, and hardly number arsenic “new.” The three-player Raid was a chill summation to the game, but aft you’ve played it once, there’s not overmuch crushed to play again. By and large, we’re playing practically the aforesaid crippled we were astatine motorboat though with fewer bugs and crashes, convey goodness.

The leak comes by mode of CodSploitz connected Twitter, who has leaked Shop Bundles correctly successful the past. He notes that the last Season 1 bundle is scheduled successful the crippled files for February 2nd, a time aft the play is supposedly ending. The caller end-date successful the crippled files is February 15th, meaning Season 2 volition commencement connected the 15th oregon 16th present if the leak is accurate.

This is depressing for those of you who, similar me, play this crippled regularly and are acceptable for immoderate caller content. In particular, I’m conscionable astir done with Warzone 2 until the Resurgence mode is added. I’m conscionable not that large of a instrumentality of conflict royale, and Resurgence strikes the cleanable equilibrium betwixt the fast-pace (and respawn friendly) multiplayer modes of Modern Warfare II and the conflict royale mode successful Warzone 2. The smaller maps and lobby sizes are besides a bully alteration of pace.

On apical of caller maps successful Multiplayer, I’m anxious for the instrumentality of Gunfight. The highly tactical 2v2 mode was my favourite caller summation successful Modern Warfare 2019 but hasn’t made a instrumentality since 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. As overmuch arsenic I bask regular multiplayer, I severely miss Gunfight. I besides miss the weapon-rotating Gun Game mode, though my unit plays a customized mentation of that mode successful Custom Games regularly truthful it’s not arsenic large of a deal.

Hopefully this leak is not existent and Season 2 lands erstwhile the Battle Pass timer says it’s coming, astatine the commencement of February. If it is delayed, let’s anticipation it means much contented and less bugs astatine launch. Stay tuned.

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