War Memorial names new interim CEO - Crain's Detroit Business

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The Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association has named its CFO, Maria Miller, to service arsenic interim president and CEO.

Miller volition determination into the caller relation effectual Feb. 1, portion continuing to besides service arsenic CFO of the enactment during the nonprofit's hunt for a imperishable leader.

In a related move, the organization, which operates the War Memorial successful Grosse Pointe Farms, promoted Chief Administrative Officer Nikki Charbonneau to COO.

Miller steps successful for Charles Burke who led the enactment since 2014 and is joining Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park successful Grand Rapids arsenic president and CEO on Feb. 13.

During her 10 months with The War Memorial, Miller has stabilized the concern structure, automating and streamlining functions for maximum efficiencies, the War Memorial said successful a release. She has besides established the fiscal model for a assemblage instauration the War Memorial is developing.

Miller, 59, served arsenic vice president of concern astatine Beaumont Health earlier joining the War Memorial. In that role, she oversaw concern for the Beaumont Grosse Pointe field and for the system's diversified operations, including up to a twelve chiseled off-campus concern lines worthy $700 million.

Located connected the grounds of the historical Alger Estate connected the shores of Lake St. Clair, The War Memorial is location to the Fred M. Alger Center for Arts, Culture, and Humanities and the Les Braves Park and Gardens, which is scheduled to unfastened this spring.

The caller halfway opened past November arsenic portion of a $40 cardinal field program that besides includes renovations to the historical location and assemblage helping connected its northbound side, a redesign of the grounds and plot and a large creation installation.

Fred Alger, the laminitis of Wall Street steadfast Alger Management, whose household donated the War Memorial spot implicit 70 years ago, donated $20 cardinal successful enactment of the project.

The War Memorial offers programs to grant veterans, engagement experiences for adults and children, assemblage events and celebrations and abstraction for hospitality events. It serves astir 250,000 radical each year.