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Waldorf has announced the merchandise of the long-anticipated Quantum MK2 synth, which offers upgrades and improved features from the archetypal model.

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The synth shaper made the announcement connected Instagram, noting that the Quantum MK2 was upgraded with a 61 keys polyphonic aftertouch keybed from Fatar, and accrued sampling retention to 59 GB from the archetypal 4 GB, which wasn’t seen arsenic being wholly practical.

In summation to this, the caller 3.0 firmware volition besides let for up to 16 integer oregon immoderate operation utilizing the 8 analogue filters with an further 8 digital.

The caller MK2 synth besides boasts an updated colour and worldly selection, allowing a higher prime show with extended viewing space and improved mechanics connected the LED screen

You tin spot the afloat station below:

The archetypal Quantum was released successful 2017, and combined classical Waldorf exertion with 4 different forms of synthesis, earlier moving everything done a prime of analogue oregon integer filter models.

The updated polyphonic aftertouch was an anticipated adhd to the caller synth, arsenic the archetypal synth was released lone a twelvemonth oregon 2 earlier polyphonic aftertouch appeared connected the Fatar TP8/SK keyboard.

The Quantum Mk2 volition beryllium disposable from the extremity of January for €4,819. For much information, sojourn Waldorf.com.


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