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Vivienne Westwood connected the Milan Catwalk successful 2010Image source, Reuters

By Sam Hancock & Andre Rhoden-Paul

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Tributes to Dame Vivienne Westwood person poured successful pursuing the decease of the "undisputed Queen of British fashion".

She died "peacefully and surrounded by her family" successful London, her manner location said successful a statement.

Westwood, 81, made her sanction with her arguable punk and caller question styles successful the 1970s and went connected to formal immoderate of the biggest stars successful fashion.

Fellow decorator Marc Jacobs said helium was "heartbroken" and that she "never failed to astonishment and to shock".

Paying tribute to her beingness and work, helium wrote connected Instagram: "You did it first. Always... I proceed to larn from your words and each of your bonzer creations."

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who famously tripped portion walking 1 of Westwood's runways successful nine-inch level heels, called the decorator a "force of nature".

In a touching tribute, she recalled her ain travel from admiring the decorator from afar arsenic a schoolgirl to moving with Westwood and calling her a friend.

Fellow exemplary Bella Hadid described the decorator arsenic "the sun" of the manner manufacture - and said she was grateful to person been successful her orbit.

"To the coolest, astir fun, incredible, humble, creative, badass, intelligent, EPIC quality being that has walked this earth… remainder successful emotion and Rest In Peace," Hadid wrote.

After the announcement, Westwood's hubby and originative spouse Andreas Kronthaler said: "I volition proceed with Vivienne successful my heart.

"We person been moving until the extremity and she has fixed maine plentifulness of things to get connected with."

Westwood came to prominence with her androgynous designs, slogan T-shirts and irreverent cognition towards the establishment.

She was besides known arsenic a staunch activistic and brought causes she cared about, similar clime change, to the catwalk.

The decorator was made a dame for services to manner successful 2006.

Describing her outfit connected the time - a achromatic headdress perched connected the backmost of her agleam orangish hair, a formal with run badges and tiny metallic horns connected her caput - she said she was expected to look "a spot similar Che Guevara, an municipality guerrilla", the salient fig of the Cuban Revolution successful 1950s, who aboriginal became a awesome of rebellion.

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Vivienne Westwood successful her workplace successful 1982

Derbyshire-born Westwood worked arsenic a superior schoolhouse teacher, earlier mounting up covering store Let It Rock connected King's Road successful Chelsea with her past spouse Malcolm McLaren successful the aboriginal 1970s.

The concern was aboriginal renamed Sex and McLaren began managing a punk stone set made up of store regulars - the Sex Pistols. They changeable to fame successful 1976 wearing Westwood and McLaren's designs.

One store idiosyncratic was a young American who went connected to beforehand the Pretenders. Paying tribute, instrumentalist Chrissie Hynde said with Westwood gone, the satellite was "already a little absorbing place".

British decorator Jeff Banks said helium recognised the decease of his beloved person with large sadness, calling it a "moment successful history".

Banks, who was precocious appointed a manager astatine Westwood's manner house, said she was a "true originator who volition everlastingly basal caput and enarthrosis supra her contemporaries and instrumentality her spot everlastingly successful the highest echelons of her craft".

Artist Tracey Emin said Westwood challenged and criticised her, but loved and cared astir her too. They were friends for much than 20 years.

Singer Boy George, who archetypal met Westwood successful the aboriginal 1980s, called her "great and inspiring" and "without question... the undisputed Queen of British fashion".

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People gathered astatine a tribute astatine Vivienne Westwood's flagship store successful London connected Friday

Music fable Sir Paul McCartney called her "a ballsy woman who rocked the manner satellite and stood defiantly for what was right".

His girl manner decorator Stella McCartney credited Westwood with inspiring her vocation "as a decorator with bravery" who "invented historical manner plan moments that woke america each up and shook the manufacture to its core."

It was a "privilege to person rubbed shoulders" with her successful the 70s astatine the commencement of punk, said Sex Pistol bassist Glen Matlock. Describing her motivation, helium said: "She wanted to disturbance things. But everything she did was done truly well."

And chap manner decorator and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham said she was a "legendary decorator and activist".

Actress Kim Cattrall described her connected Instagram arsenic a "true genius who ne'er mislaid her Northern grit". She shared a communicative of Westwood's "generosity and kindness" - creating 3 dresses for the Sex and the City prima successful 3 days truthful she could be premieres of a film, aft others' designs were unsuitable.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer wrote that Westwood's "unique dependable volition beryllium irreplaceable and volition beryllium missed", portion vocalist Billy Idol - who recovered fame connected the London punk euphony country - tweeted: "RIP it volition instrumentality maine a spot to instrumentality this in…".

The Victoria and Albert Museum, which houses immoderate of her works, described Westwood arsenic a "true revolutionary and rebellious unit successful fashion".

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The decorator was made a Dame for services to manner successful 2006

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan wrote connected Twitter: "A bittersweet day, Vivienne Westwood was and volition stay a towering fig successful British fashion.

"Her punk benignant rewrote the regularisation publication successful the 1970s and was wide admired for however she stayed existent to her ain values passim her life."

In 1981, Westwood held her archetypal due manner amusement remembered arsenic the Pirate Collection, and she continued to usage British and French past to animate her.

She joined Kronthaler, a erstwhile pupil of hers and 25 years her junior, successful 1992. He became originative manager of her institution and progressively was liable for plan enactment successful aboriginal years.

By the 2000s, Westwood was designing wedding dresses for the likes of exemplary Dita Von Teese, who dressed successful her purple gown to wed vocalist Marilyn Manson, and Princess Eugenie who wore Westwood designs for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine.

Her designs besides featured successful the 2008 movie mentation of Sex And The City.

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Flowers were laid extracurricular Westwood's location successful Clapham, southbound London

Last month, Westwood backed Just Stop Oil protesters who threw tins of crockery connected Van Gogh's Sunflowers coating astatine the National Portrait Gallery. "Young radical are desperate," she wrote connected her website. "They're doing something."

As good arsenic clime change, Westwood became a vocal protagonist for the merchandise of WikiLeaks laminitis Julian Assange, who is warring extradition to the US to look charges nether the Espionage Act. In July 2020, she dressed successful canary yellowish successful a elephantine vertebrate cage informing implicit an Assange "stitch up".

Assange's woman Stella, whose wedding formal was created by Westwood, hailed the decorator arsenic a "pillar of the anti-establishment". Writing connected behalf of her hubby who is presently successful Belmarsh prison, she said Westwood was a "good friend" and "the champion of Britain".

The Vivienne Foundation, founded by Westwood's sons and granddaughter, volition motorboat successful the New Year to "honour, support and proceed the bequest of Vivienne's life, plan and activism".

Her household said it volition purpose to rise consciousness and make alteration moving with non-governmental organisations connected clime change, stopping war, defending quality rights and protesting capitalism.

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