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A Vancouver concern connected Broadway volition beryllium shutting its doors for bully astatine the extremity of the period owed to impacts felt by the operation of the caller subway line.

Surinder Sangha, proprietor of a Subway restaurant, says she’ll beryllium closing down due to the fact that concern has been down by much than 75 per cent since the project’s operation began.

She has tally her concern for much than 13 years.

“During the pandemic, the authorities gave maine immoderate grants but present thing for much than 1 and a fractional years,” she said.

“City bash thing close now, I talked to my accountant to inquire astir provincial assistance but they said nary help.”

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Sangha said she believes the nonaccomplishment of parking and different businesses closing their doors has severely hampered however galore customers travel in.

To marque matters worse for Sangha, she said her landlord wants to summation the rent by much than 50 per cent successful March, thing she says is not feasible for her business.

Global News reached retired to the City of Vancouver connected their thoughts connected the closing of the Subway restaurant.

“We cognize the past fewer years person been a existent conflict for section businesses. COVID restrictions and changing enactment habits successful the country decidedly person had an interaction connected the fig of radical frequenting the engaged operation country wherever the Subway outlet is located,” said Steve Brown, City of Vancouver’s manager of the Transit Integration and Projects branch.

“That’s wherefore we are doing what we tin to supply support, specified arsenic our online Support Broadway Businesses campaign, and encouraging everyone to proceed to sojourn the businesses on the Broadway corridor.”

He continued, “While the state is taking the pb connected this project, we proceed to enactment hard to mitigate operation impacts to Broadway businesses.”

The City of Vancouver has implemented a fig of measures to assistance businesses successful the area:

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  • Working with businesses to alteration parking regulations – providing much short-term parking for customers
  • Installed Room to Load zones connected broadside streets specified arsenic Yukon St, Granville St, and Cypress St to facilitate speedy prime up/drop offs and deliveries
  • Advocating to amended signage for businesses made little disposable by construction
  • Connecting with method unit astatine Province connected a regular ground to inspect the Broadway corridor and guarantee harmless and accessible pedestrian entree to businesses
  • Co-ordinating enforcement by parking absorption successful loading zones to assistance with concern deliveries and short-term parking

The scheduled completion day for Vancouver’s Broadway subway has been pushed backmost to aboriginal 2026.

 'Broadway subway enactment hold impacts businesses'

1:51 Broadway subway enactment hold impacts businesses

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