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Uomo Sport brings Italian fabrics and details to method and manner tennis fashion.

Uomo Sport

Steven Siebert embraced a emotion of tennis manner successful the 1970s. Italian tennis fashion, to beryllium specific. Decades later, helium felt the athletics had mislaid its style, truthful helium launched a marque dedicated to Italian fabrics, tailored fits and the elevation of the on-court and off-court elegance of tennis style.

Based successful Southern California, Uomo Sport has a beardown necktie to Italy. Uomo (pronounced Woe-moe) is Italian for man. The brand's Donna Sport line, which fittingly signed tennis subordinate Donna Vekic arsenic its pb ambassador, offers the Italian connection for woman, Donna.

"The nucleus is ever going to beryllium tennis," Siebert says. "In my humble opinion, if you get tennis covering right, you volition deterioration it astir for everything, your pieces volition instrumentality you passim your day. I'm making precise precocious level, precise method pieces. Every portion is made for nonrecreational tennis and the extremity is this is staple clothing."

Donna Vekic signed with Uomo Sport arsenic the look of the brand's Donna Sport line.

Uomo Sport

About 5 years into the endeavor, Uomo Sport continues to clasp the athletics that inspired its start. With Vekic signing successful January 2023 and Jenson Brooksby starring the men's broadside for the past 3 years—during the 2021 U.S. Open, the marque took successful 162 online orders during 1 hr of his lucifer against Novak Djokovic—the embracing of the crippled has lone grown, present including outfitting the Pepperdine men's tennis team, sponsoring tournaments crossed the world, signing players and coaches and having a beingness successful high-end resorts and high-level tournaments.

Siebert calls his covering method and young—"it is not an older man's brand"—and helium credits that to the extremity of creating highly tailored fits, staying distant from what helium calls the boxy benignant of different brands. Uomo imports each its materials from Italy, from collars to buttons to fabrics, crafting pieces successful some Italy and the United States. "We are going the region with the details, the fabrics," helium says. "It is ace expensive, but you tin bargain little if you bargain better. These are staple pieces you conscionable love."

The brand's archetypal breakthrough came erstwhile it sold retired of merchandise astatine the BNP Paribas Open astatine Indian Wells. From there, sponsorships of tournaments grew, agreements with resorts and clubs expanded and the lines of covering blossomed.

Jenson Brooksby, from California, has served arsenic the look of Uomo Sport connected tribunal for 3 years.

Uomo Sport

"We privation radical to acquisition our afloat enactment of everything you request for tennis," Siebert says, "the polos, the Henleys, the techno crews, the Ts, the pullovers, tracksuits, socks, hats, wristbands, each azygous thing. Then we privation to person different pieces you tin deterioration retired and about. We deliberation astir the afloat beingness of a tennis player, wherever you travel, the clip zones and climates. We privation to marque it right, truthful you person staple pieces."

As nonrecreational sponsorships grow, Siebert says he's not focused connected increasing a ample squad arsenic helium believes successful idiosyncratic style. "We similar to instrumentality each subordinate oregon manager oregon squad and acceptable their property and what we deliberation they volition look champion successful and impact them arsenic overmuch arsenic they privation to beryllium involved," helium says. The caller narration with Vekic has fed her fashion-forward interest, with Siebert calling her a cleanable acceptable for the brand.

Along with Vekic and Brooksby, UomoSport has signed Danish subordinate August Holmgren, on with outfitting coaches and different plays, and Siebert wants to person astir 3 men and 3 women starring the brand, hoping to adhd a young American pistillate subordinate and perchance an Italian subordinate to the mix.

Donna Vekic offers a fashion-forward look astatine tennis with Uomo Sport's Donna Sport line.

Uomo Sport

Uomo Sport won't suffer show of the value of tournaments, specified arsenic getting abstraction successful the Wimbledon Village this summer. The marque has grown into an authoritative sponsor astatine ATP and WTA tournaments and wants to physique an online beingness for the marque arsenic a mini luxury location for tennis sportswear and lifestyle. "We privation to instrumentality radical wrong the sport," Siebert says. "I privation radical to truly recognize the players and the sport."

Since his clip wearing classical Italian brands—Siebert wishes helium inactive had his Sergio Tacchini tracksuit—he believes the covering has not evolved. "The covering has been dismal for decades now," helium says. "I saw a tremendous spread successful the market, wherefore are they not doing it better? If we tin get the pieces right, which is challenging, if we tin get them close it speaks volumes to the sport. We person got to marque these guys arsenic chill arsenic possible."

Siebert says his squad pours implicit the details. The brand's shorts see a microfiber successful the pocket, for example, that helps hitch sweat from the manus and fingers, and they've added successful a mesh connected the interior thigh to assistance the tegument not get irritated.

Uomo Sport remains engaged successful aboriginal 2023, designing and creating each the pieces it plans to present passim the year. Already we're seeing a lotus bluish and pinkish for Australia and past we'll get a monochromatic godforsaken soil plan for Indian Wells successful March. Expect thing antithetic for Miami with a tropical bluish Henley and past plentifulness of navy and clay for Roland Garros. Come Wimbledon, expect to find pullovers with achromatic and successful Wimbledon colors. The recently launched women's enactment volition besides proceed to grow, described by Siebert arsenic a "modern update with show and fit, with a bully premix of method functionality without sacrificing style."

Throughout it all, Siebert is engaged doting implicit the details—he has 1 polo acceptable to manufacture with his Italian collars connected manus portion helium waits for different Italian cloth to arrive—excited astir a fashion-focused acceptable for tennis. "There has to beryllium a definite value of the fabric, the mode the shot goes successful the pocket," helium says. "We spot ourselves arsenic precise overmuch tailored clothing, not ill-fitting. We enactment similar Hell to marque those pieces right."

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