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*A Private Investor is simply a recipient of the accusation who meets each of the conditions acceptable retired below, the recipient:

  1. Obtains entree to the accusation successful a idiosyncratic capacity;
  2. Is not required to beryllium regulated oregon supervised by a assemblage acrophobic with the regularisation oregon supervision of concern oregon fiscal services;
  3. Is not presently registered oregon qualified arsenic a nonrecreational securities trader oregon concern advisor with immoderate nationalist oregon authorities exchange, regulatory authority, nonrecreational relation oregon recognised nonrecreational body;
  4. Does not presently enactment successful immoderate capableness arsenic an concern adviser, whether oregon not they person astatine immoderate clip been qualified to bash so;
  5. Uses the accusation solely successful narration to the absorption of their idiosyncratic funds and not arsenic a trader to the nationalist oregon for the concern of firm funds;
  6. Does not distribute, republish oregon different supply immoderate accusation oregon derived works to immoderate 3rd enactment successful immoderate mode oregon usage oregon process accusation oregon derived works for immoderate commercialized purposes.
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