Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch in March 2023

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As nan 3rd period of 2023 approaches pinch nan sentiment of observant optimism connected nan cryptocurrency market, galore crypto traders and investors are analyzing nan landscape, trying to discern which integer assets are worthy of their attraction successful nan pursuing fewer weeks.

With this successful mind, Finbold has examined nan latest developments connected pinch immoderate of nan astir promising crypto assets and arrived astatine a database of nan apical 5 cryptocurrencies to salary attraction to arsenic March unfolds, successful nary peculiar order.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

Riding nan activity of nan renewed fame of artificial intelligence (AI) exertion acknowledgment to nan text-based AI level ChatGPT, SingularityNET (AGIX) has made strides since nan year’s turn, further expanded by different affirmative factors, specified arsenic nan beta trial launch of nan project’s Cardano staking portal expected successful March.

As things stand, AGIX is presently trading astatine nan value of $0.41, which represents a humble summation of 1.62% connected nan time and 2.04% crossed nan week but a important summation of 131.11% complete nan erstwhile 30 days and an moreover much awesome year-to-date (YTD) beforehand of 794.75%, besides making it 1 of nan top 5 AI cryptocurrencies to watch successful March.

SingularityNET year-to-date (YTD) value chart. Source: Finbold

Cardano (ADA)

Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA) has stood retired for nan continuous efforts of its squad connected web development, astir precocious placing it successful nan apical position among each crypto projects successful position of play improvement activity connected GitHub, signaling 541 entries successful nan week starring up to February 26.

GitHub Weekly Development Activity:

#1: 541 Cardano
#2: 522 Polkadot / Kusama
#3: 476 Ethereum
#4: 365 Internet Computer
#5: 348 Status
#6: 335 ChainLink
#7: 333 Cosmos
#8: 265 Filecoin
#9: 247 Hedera
#10: 247 Vega Protocol

— ProofofGitHub (@ProofofGitHub) February 26, 2023

At property time, however, Cardano was signaling a insignificant nonaccomplishment of 0.26% connected its regular and 9.45 connected its play charts, successful summation to losing 7.24% but still holding connected to nan year-to-date (YTD) winnings of 25.51%, arsenic it was changing hands astatine nan value of $0.36.

Cardano year-to-date (YTD) value chart. Source: Finbold

Optimism (OP)

Optimism (OP) has been 1 of nan beneficiaries of nan news that Coinbase was launching its ain Layer 2 web for Ethereum (ETH) utilizing Optimism-based technology, which has allowed nan OP token to grounds gains crossed aggregate observed periods.

Indeed, acknowledgment to nan cryptocurrency exchange’s usage of Optimism’s open-source stack for processing its Layer 2 sidechain, nan OP token has raced 217.52% since nan year’s beginning, successful summation to adding 1.67% connected nan day, 13.39% crossed nan week, and 28.86% successful a month, and is presently trading astatine $2.93.

Optimism year-to-date (YTD) value chart. Source: Finbold

Ankr (ANKR)

The twelvemonth truthful acold has been thing but occurrence for nan liquid staking token Ankr (ANKR), arsenic it has precocious announced a woody pinch exertion giants Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Tencent pinch an purpose to support further blockchain improvement and adoption.

As for its price, it is presently penning down a humble diminution of 0.66% connected nan day, but its maturation successful different periods is significant, including gaining 35.32% complete nan week, 55.58% crossed nan month, and 182.18%, arsenic it is changing hands astatine nan value of $0.04.

Ankr year-to-date (YTD) value chart. Source: Finbold

Stacks (STX)

Bringing decentralized apps (dApps) and smart contracts to Bitcoin (BTC) and allowing dApps to execute much operations than regular apps, Stacks (STX) has precocious received a boost from nan Bitcoin Ordinal hype, arsenic nan non-fungible tokens (NFTs) flooded nan assemblage pinch images, video games, and different content.

At property time, STX is trading astatine nan value of $0.92, signaling a maturation of 22.69% complete nan erstwhile 24 hours, 55.16% complete nan past 7 days, and a whopping 209.14% during nan month, arsenic it raced 333.65% since January 1, according to nan latest information retrieved connected February 27.

Stacks year-to-date (YTD) value chart. Source: Finbold


All things considered, nan further occurrence of nan supra cryptocurrencies will dangle mostly connected nan continuation of their teams’ affirmative efforts and developments straight connected pinch nan integer tokens themselves, arsenic good arsenic nan extracurricular factors specified arsenic nan wide ambiance successful nan cryptocurrency marketplace and connected nan wider macroeconomic stage.

Disclaimer: The contented connected this tract should not beryllium considered finance advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your superior is astatine risk.