Today's Headlines: A rare snowy weekend in SoCal

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Hello, it’s Monday, Feb. 27, and present are nan stories you shouldn’t miss today:


Epic wintertime large wind turns Southern California snowfall white

Residents successful parts of Southern California who person not seen snowfall successful decades woke up to an icy wonderland Sunday greeting following an epic wintertime storm that collapsed rainfall records and scattered caller powder crossed nan usually warm, sunny region.

The storm, which originated successful nan Gulf of Alaska, tapped into an atmospheric stream system, unleashing a “very memorable” storm, 1 meteorologist said. There were reports of flurries astatine nan Hollywood motion and snowfall falling successful places for illustration Glendale and Santa Clarita.

For communities that didn’t spot snow, rainfall was plentiful. More rainfall and snowfall are connected nan measurement opening precocious Sunday.

More astir nan storm

  • More connected nan measurement arsenic meteorologists foretell further precipitation through Wednesday.
  • Photos: Snow, dense rainfall pummel Southern California.
  • L.A. County residents without powerfulness since Friday inquire why nan metropolis can’t do better.

‘Impossible’ state bills push restaurants to nan brink of closure

As nan wholesale costs of earthy state hits grounds highs, businesses that require state cooking methods — specified arsenic tabletop Korean barbecues, wok stations, and gas-powered stoves and ovens — are costing restaurateurs thousands of dollars much than their emblematic expenses, causing immoderate owners to see closing temporarily aliases raising prices to offset nan charges.

Adding to existing concerns complete inflation, supply-chain difficulties and labour costs, some consciousness helpless.

Russia’s warfare connected Ukraine grinds into 2nd twelvemonth arsenic Putin gambles connected nan agelong game

Russia’s warfare connected Ukraine has entered its 2nd year, pinch a cosmopolitan realization that nan world is witnessing a long, prolonged conflict, nan deadliest successful Europe since World War II, successful which Moscow and Kyiv are hoping against agelong odds for a decisive breakthrough successful 2023.

Church bells tolled, weeping mourners embraced and blue-and-yellow nationalist flags fluttered Friday arsenic Ukraine marked nan first day of nan Russian penetration and looked backmost connected nan twelvemonth pinch a mixture of sorrow and pride.

After 100 years, nan San Gabriel Nursery and Florist continues to bloom

Seeking caller opportunities, Fred Yoshimura near his location successful Yamaguchi, Japan, astatine 21.

He saved capable money to lease a parcel of onshore that he utilized to unfastened nan Mission Nursery successful 1923. It would blossom into a awesome commercialized occurrence now known arsenic nan San Gabriel Nursery and Florist, which this twelvemonth is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

But it didn’t travel easily.

Mary Ishihara Swanton holds a pinkish flower and stands among blossoming plants

Mary Ishihara Swanton, granddaughter of Fred and Mitoko Yoshimura, astatine her family’s San Gabriel Nursery and Florist.

(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

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How 1 workplace is reverse engineering a video crippled utilizing TikTok. With “Ashfall,” Liithos is banking connected characters and an immersive world being beardown capable to tie fans earlier immoderate gameplay. A five-episode TikTok show and a comic book come years earlier nan crippled will beryllium completed.

In a motion of nan times, O.C. malls will beryllium places to unrecorded arsenic good arsenic shop. In Orange County, nan San Fernando Valley and suburbs passim America, nan promenade was a gathering spot wherever location were fewer different places to bent out. But arsenic communities strain for caller housing, some spot declining malls arsenic opportunities.


Meet nan Salk Institute’s ‘next-generation leader’ who is taking nan helm astatine a pivotal moment. One of nan nation’s apical experts connected really illness arises successful humans has been appointed nan caller president of nan Salk Institute successful La Jolla, which is undergoing a historical description that’s meant to thief scientists demystify specified divers conditions arsenic crab and dementia.

State officials ‘vow to do better’ connected Exide lead cleanup. Some residents aren’t satisfied. The vow from nan Department of Toxic Substances Control came successful consequence to a Times investigation this period showing that galore properties that had been remediated astatine awesome costs to authorities taxpayers were near pinch concentrations of lead successful their yards successful excess of authorities wellness standards.

What Saddleback Church’s ouster intends for Southern Baptists. Last week nan Southern Baptist Convention ousted Saddleback Church, 1 of its largest and highest-profile personnel churches, from its ranks. The Orange County megachurch decided to see female pastors, a usurpation of convention’s halfway beliefs.

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Chicago mayor’s title dominated by concerns astir metropolis crime. For years, Republicans person sought to triumph complete voters by depicting Democratic-led cities arsenic lawless centers of unit that request tough-on-crime policies. In Chicago, immoderate of nan Democrats moving for politician are deploying nan aforesaid strategy arsenic they statement really to make nan metropolis safer.

Weeks aft obstruction disaster, Biden has nary plans to sojourn East Palestine. Republicans are continuing to knock President Biden for not visiting East Palestine, Ohio. The Biden management insists that disaster consequence is astir much than nan president personally appearing connected scene.

Mexican protesters spot electoral overhaul arsenic a threat to democracy. More than 100,000 group gathered successful Mexico City to march Sunday against nan awesome downsizing past week of nan agency that oversees Mexico’s elections, a measurement that they opportunity could harm nan 2024 statesmanlike race.


The ‘Party Down’ revival is each spot nan adjacent of nan original. Revivals are a situation to propulsion off. And nan long-awaited 3rd play of nan cult Starz drama now seems very overmuch worthy nan effort, of a portion pinch its splendid predecessor successful style and joke but not successful immoderate consciousness outdated, writes tv professional Robert Lloyd.

How L.A.’s Blondshell pulled disconnected nan stone debut of 2023. A bruised yet darkly funny group of serrated, hook-riddled guitar rock, Blondshell’s upcoming self-titled LP is nan astir awesome debut of nan twelvemonth to date. In a cool Gen Z deadpan, she ponders societal worry and toxic activity amid fuzzy-crisp arrangements that echo ’90s classics, writes professional Mikael Wood.

The Hammer pulls disconnected a marvelously orchestrated show of Bridget Riley’s drawings. “Bridget Riley Drawings: From nan Artist’s Studio” features 24 little-seen figurative and scenery useful successful pencil, crayon, lipid and pastel from nan 1940s and ’50s, positive 65 mostly geometric abstractions from 1961 and after.


More restaurants trying subscription programs. Will it work? Large chains specified arsenic Panera and P.F. Chang’s arsenic good arsenic vicinity hangouts are progressively experimenting pinch unlimited drinks aliases free transportation for a monthly fee; others will bring retired your favourite appetizer each clip you visit.

Start-ups’ Hyperloop dreams are still distant, almost 10 years aft Elon Musk. Musk described a dazzling imagination successful a wide publication paper. But a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars later, much than a half-dozen start-ups person tried to create nan 760-mph superhighway, and not 1 has succeeded.


UCLA defeats Colorado to clinch its first Pac-12 title successful a decade. The fourth-ranked Bruins sewage location aft making nan cardinal plays down nan agelong to pull retired a 60-56 victory complete Colorado connected Sunday day astatine nan CU Events Center.

How Lindsay Gottlieb blends family into USC’s ‘once successful a lifetime’ season. While putting USC’s women’s hoops squad successful position for its first NCAA tourney quality since 2014, nan 45-year-old Gottlieb is besides adjusting to life arsenic a mother of two.

Auto Club Speedway’s two-mile oval takes a last thigh into Inland Empire racing history. The speedway originates its long-awaited and extended remodeling aft Sunday’s Pala Casino 400, pinch plans to entreaty to a wide demographic arsenic NASCAR’s intends to make attending a title much than simply attending a race.

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No, California doesn’t person a organization crisis. “As organization scientists, we do spot a concerning effect connected California’s agrarian counties — but overall, location are much opportunities successful Californians’ comparative younker and nan state’s expertise to pull immigrants than location are siren bells.”

I americium a Black man and a decease doula. This activity chose me. “While Black decease is traditionally celebrated, erstwhile it comes to Black dying, we do small activity to hole ourselves and those we time off down for nan inevitable. A ample portion of my ngo arsenic a Black decease doula is to ensure those successful my attraction don’t locomotion blindly into grief, calamity aliases into their last moments alone.”


Think you for illustration Disneyland? This instrumentality group a caller world attendance record. Daily trips to Disneyland started retired for Jeff Reitz arsenic a measurement for him to get retired of nan house, get immoderate workout and get a break from nan toil of looking for activity erstwhile he was unemployed successful 2012.

Last week, nan Guinness World Records recognized nan 50-year-old arsenic nan world grounds holder for nan astir consecutive visits to Disneyland, an astonishing 2,995 days.


The Feb. 26, 1942 beforehand page of The Times.

The Feb. 26, 1942 beforehand page of The Times.

(Los Angeles Times)

After nan Dec. 7, 1941, onslaught connected Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles became paranoid astir imaginable attacks — truthful overmuch truthful that upwind balloons unleashed a wide panic connected nan nighttime of Feb. 25, 1942, successful what became known arsenic nan Great Air Raid aliases nan Battle of L.A.

Air-raid sirens, searchlights, blackouts and drills had go communal successful Los Angeles. A Japanese submarine had shelled lipid installations disconnected nan seashore of California connected Feb. 23, further heightening anxiety. Then, astatine 2:25 a.m. connected Feb. 25, Army weapon crews thought they spotted force craft preparing to attack, triggering sirens and firing bullets into nan sky. Five group died successful nan panic — 3 successful car crashes connected chaotic roads, 2 from bosom attacks.

The correction put a spotlight connected embarrassed subject and metropolis officials. Later reports concluded nan crews had simply seen upwind balloons. You tin publication a Times relationship of nan “battle” here.

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