We the parents followed these 12 rules to fight America's most notorious school board

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This week, nan Parents Bill of Rights (H.B.5) will beryllium debated connected nan level of nan House of Representatives. This measure will thief supply greater transparency successful nationalist schools, springiness parents statutory authorities alongside their Constitutional correct to nonstop nan upbringing of their children, and unit our nationalist acquisition system to attraction connected academics alternatively of societal indoctrination.

Having helped led nan fight successful Loudoun County, Virginia, it is simply a testament to nan difficult activity of parents that House Republicans person made this a privilege successful nan caller Congress. But this measure will not hole our surgery schoolhouse strategy – it simply provides a powerful caller instrumentality for parents. It is frankincense incumbent upon america to proceed our efforts to make meaningful and lasting change.

To do that, we must beryllium strategic, admit our advantages and disadvantages, and cognize when, where, and really to return nan conflict to our section activistic schoolhouse boards and their allies.

This week I merchandise a caller book, "Parents of nan World Unite! How To Save Our School From The Left’s Radical Agenda," successful which I archive nan successes nan parents successful Loudoun County had successful sparkling nan spotlight of accountability connected America’s astir notorious nationalist schoolhouse management and schoolhouse board. The communicative is told done 12 strategical rules that helped guideline our actions complete nan past 2 years but tin besides beryllium utilized to maximum effect by parents and genitor groups passim nan country.


These are those rules:

Every Neighborhood Is a Battlefield.

Pay attraction to what happens connected your thoroughfare and successful your community. The infection of cancel civilization and wokeism is not constricted to nan national government, firm boardrooms, master sports, aliases Hollywood but has arrived adjacent door. 

Activate, Investigate, Communicate.

Every genitor tin beryllium a backstage interrogator into nan civilized corruption of nan schools that they salary for and nonstop their children to. With cardinal devices for illustration nan Freedom of Information Act, nan Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, and targeted media outreach, anyone tin commencement to radiance nan spotlight of accountability connected their schoolhouse district.

Always Flip nan Script.

With a operation of fearlessness and humorous mockery, parents tin punch through nan acold left’s astir potent psychological tool—fear of cancel culture—and bring nan conflict to nan bullies.

Identify nan "Bad Guys" and Take It to ’Em. 

Every conflict by its quality needs a bully versus evil framework. It is truthful important to find nan correct "bad guys" to fight. 

Turn Your Fight into Must-See TV. 

You cannot animate successful nan darkness; you cannot unit nan force without nan unit of bad publicity. The top generals successful history ever knew that location must beryllium an constituent of showmanship to nan battle.

Do Not Get Stuck successful nan Mud.

Always beryllium successful motion. The opposition, nevertheless clumsily, will commencement to conflict backmost and effort to prosecute you connected their terms. Do not autumn into nan trap. When they zig, you must zag and support moving guardant to your goal.

When They Mobilize, Go Guerrilla.

When you’re going up against nan position quo, they will find a measurement to mobilize their governmental powerfulness and bequest media. That’s inevitable. What’s not inevitable is really you respond. When they yet face you successful nan air, morph into a guerrilla cognition that maneuvers connected nan ground.

Do Not Stop astatine nan Wall.

A conflict will person ebbs and flows, and you will find yourself hitting a wall. External and soul dynamics will make it challenging to get past that wall into nan greenish fields connected nan different side. Explode done nan wall.

9. You’ve Gotta Believe.

All your activity intends thing unless you judge successful your origin and judge that you tin win. Be elastic and unfastened to ideas, but ne'er return your eyes disconnected nan North Star and ne'er hide why you joined nan conflict successful nan first place. 

Don’t Let ‘Em Off nan Ropes.

Eventually your strategies and tactics, if good executed, will bring you to a infinitesimal erstwhile your force is connected nan ropes. They’ve made important mistakes to beryllium successful that situation. When this happens, it’s not clip to backmost off. Go for nan knockout.


Don’t Be Overly Reliant connected Past Success.

The greater nan success, nan greater nan dangers that follow. Complacency will often group successful arsenic will nan inclination to overly trust connected nan strategies and strategies that brought victory. Eventually your opponents will accommodate and exploit.

Parents and organization members be a Loudoun County School Board gathering connected June 22, 2021. 

Parents and organization members be a Loudoun County School Board gathering connected June 22, 2021.  (REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein)

Play nan Endgame.

Always cognize your endgame. What started arsenic your superior extremity whitethorn go subsumed into thing overmuch greater than you could person imagined. When it comes clip to displacement to that greater purpose, fto your opponents distract themselves pinch what they think, while you silently redeploy your efforts to nan last victory.


As you put connected your armor to spell conflict for your children’s coming and future, retrieve these rules and fto them service arsenic a guideline successful really you creation your ain approach. But do not limit yourselves to only these rules. Think done successes of nan past successful history, film, literature, business, politics, and sports and style your ain rules, instrumentality to them, and walk them connected to others.

That is really we will triumph this conflict together.