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Worcester Magazine receives stories from individuals, but besides couples, sharing their experiences of buying and styling together.

Perfect pairing

"So excited!" Carol Parker of Worcester wrote to stock the manner finds for herself and her husband, Dennis, reflecting their idiosyncratic style, and favourite labels.

Dennis founds 2 LL Bean shirts, successful a information similar new, for $12.99 astatine Savers successful Worcester, wherever Carol recovered a Talbots blouse, besides similar new, for $7.99.

Their luck didn't halt there. Carol recovered a brace of Talbots slacks, again similar new, and besides $7.99, astatine the thrift store of the First Congregational Church successful Holden.

Shopping for 2 tin contiguous doubly the adventure, and doubly the enjoyment.

With Valentine's Day approaching, see sharing stories and photos of you and your spouse, important other, oregon beingness spouse successful magic and possibly a small mayhem.

Creature comforts

Animal patterns permeate our manner world. Perhaps it's thing that dates backmost to humanity's earliest creator expression, with likenesses of birds and beasts painted connected cave walls, a clip erstwhile radical saw animals and themselves arsenic portion of the aforesaid environment.

Also, humans similar pattern, and we respect quality for creating it, adjacent arsenic it inspires awe, arsenic writer William Blake wrote successful his poem, "The Tyger."

"What immortal manus oregon eye,/Could framework thy fearful symmetry?"

Clothing, shoes and accessories imitating the designs of leopard, cheetah, snake and zebra tin beryllium recovered successful abundance astatine thrift stores, including a snake-patterned skirt I recovered for $4.79 astatine Savers successful Worcester, on with an adorable apical for a toddler, astatine $6.99.

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I don't adjacent person a toddler, but determination are a batch of kids successful need, truthful the apical volition spell to an enactment specified arsenic St. Vincent de Paul, that helps families supply the basics.

Hopefully, to walk on the grin this apical gave me.

A 'tie' is ever a 'win'

A necktie tin service arsenic a connection with a idiosyncratic touch. Worcester Magazine would similar to diagnostic photos of your favourite neckties from country thrift stores.

Do you deterioration them for business, ceremonial wear, oregon everywhere? Tell america your communicative of wherever your manner travels instrumentality you.

Tell america astir your thrift store finds. Send your photos and stories, including the thrift store and prices of the items, to Margaret Smith, content editor, at

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