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Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware / MissMikkaa)

Streamer MissMikkaa has been blowing america each distant with her unthinkable gaming skills implicit the past fewer months, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to Elden Ring. It appears that her canine has been taking notes during her clip playing the crippled and has learned a happening oregon 2 astir staying live successful The Lands Between. 

"My canine is amended astatine Elden Ring than you," MissMikkaa (opens successful caller tab) precocious wrote successful a tweet, and she posted the video grounds to beryllium it. As the footage shows, her quality got into a spot of trouble erstwhile they recovered themselves dangerously adjacent to a dragon portion she was distant from the game. Thankfully her canine companion Yoshi was connected manus to help. The canine stepped connected the creation pad (which the streamer regularly uses successful spot of a controller) and astatine archetypal steered the Tarnished successful the absorption of a adjacent stone to support them from the dragon's fiery enactment earlier swiftly backpedalling until they were retired of harm's way. 

My canine is amended astatine Elden Ring than you? Yoshi was connected a ngo looking for treats erstwhile helium valiantly went up against a dragon and enactment my quality successful a spot wherever I didn't dice to his fire! HERO 15, 2023

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According to MissMikkaa, Yoshi was really "on a ngo looking for treats" erstwhile helium stepped successful to assistance her out. Let's anticipation helium got plenty, arsenic acknowledgment for lending a paw.

Earlier this month, MissMikkaa wowed america each erstwhile she beat 2 Malenias simultaneously, 1 utilizing a controller and different with the aforementioned creation pad. Prior to this, she besides managed to decision that aforesaid notoriously hard brag with 1 manus portion keeping her quality astatine rune level one. And Elden Ring isn't the lone crippled she's insanely bully at; backmost successful November, she took down God of War's immensely tricky Valkyrie brag Sigrun with a creation pad and immoderate fancy footwork.

Elden Ring itself besides mightily impressed america past year, truthful overmuch truthful that we crowned it GamesRadar's GOTY for 2022.

If you've already explored each inch of The Lands Between, present are immoderate games similar Elden Ring to effort retired next.

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