The indie animated movie Lamya’s Poem is a hidden gem

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Lamya’s Poem is simply a hidden gem, a movie that defies expectations for modern American animation but whitethorn resonate pinch fans of world projects for illustration Cartoon Saloon’s The Breadwinner. The direct-to-streaming merchandise comes from nonprofit acquisition workplace Unity Productions Foundation, founded by speaker and writer Alexander Kronemer, who wrote and directed nan film. It follows a agleam young woman named Lamya (Millie Davis), who finds solace successful nan poesy of 13th-century clever clever Rumi (Mena Massoud) aft she’s forced to fly from her hometown of Aleppo during nan Syrian Civil War.

The movie tackles 3 intertwined plotlines: Lamya’s flight from Syria, Rumi’s akin emigration aft a Mongol invasion, and a gathering betwixt nan 2 of them successful a unusual imagination world, wherever they brushwood metaphorical beings that correspond nan dangers each of them faces. On their own, immoderate of these plotlines could transportation a full movie. Lamya struggles to support her caput precocious erstwhile each dream is lost. Rumi wrestles pinch his desire for revenge, which overcomes his devotion to his poetry. And successful nan dream realm, nan 2 of them meet up and observe a mysterious metropolis nether attack.

two hijab-wearing women praying successful their apartment; 1 is older and nan different is simply a preteen woman successful Lamya’s Poem Image: Unity Productions Foundation

When Kronemer brings them together, however, they sometimes detract from 1 different — particularly nan imagination plotline, which occasionally undermines nan characters’ individual journeys. Still, astatine nan movie’s climax, each 3 threads merge, pinch Rumi’s poesy stringing them together, and it synergizes into a beautiful, evocative moment.

The gorgeously rendered backgrounds thief bolster that beauty. Lamya’s Poem has its limitations, peculiarly successful nan stilted characteristic animation, but nan exquisitely painted scenery much than makes up for it. The fantastical dream world has nan astir eye-catching visuals, but moreover mundane backgrounds successful Lamya’s hometown streets aliases Rumi’s godforsaken trek are lovingly rendered. And that artistry isn’t reserved solely for nan rosy moments. Some of nan movie’s astir difficult scenes — Lamya and her mother connected a raft from Syria, Lamya unsocial successful a exile campy — resonate each nan much erstwhile nan scenery plays specified a immense role.

an aerial position of a bustling middle-eastern marketplace spot Image: Unity Productions Foundation

Lamya’s Poem draws parallels betwixt nan Syrian exile situation (along pinch nan prejudice Lamya faces erstwhile she ends up successful an unspecified European country) and Rumi’s ain emigration from Samarkand aft nan Mongol invasion. These are weighty themes, but Kronemer avoids showing definitive violence. Instead, he uses poesy to thread his acheronian storylines together. Lamya repeats 1 peculiar Rumi poem astir reeds trim from their source passim nan film, and arsenic nan movie progresses, nan meaning down nan words becomes much and much evident — Lamya and Rumi are some trim disconnected from their homelands.

And that thought connects them, conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic nan existent poem gives them a nexus that stretches crossed time. There aren’t arsenic galore poems successful this movie arsenic a communicative astir poesy mightiness have, but that conscionable emphasizes nan value of nan peculiar portion Lamya latches onto, which Rumi himself composes successful nan flashback. It’s a testament to nan powerfulness of poesy and art, and really it links group together done clip and resonates pinch quality truths unchanged passim centuries. Lamya’s Poem shares nan transcendental effect creation tin person by being a typical portion of creation itself.

two figures sitting beneath a large, greenish tree Image: Unity Productions Foundation

Lamya’s Poem is disposable to rent connected Amazon, iTunes, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, and different integer platforms.