The best Nintendo Switch accessories

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The Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED consoles travel pinch everything that astir group request to person a bully time. For each models isolated from nan Switch Lite, you get 2 detachable Joy-Cons successful nan container for up to two-player gaming arsenic good arsenic a dock to play nan console connected your TV alternatively of successful portable mode. But nan acquisition of owning a Switch tin amended pinch nan correct accessories, and we cognize which ones to recommend. I’ve thoroughly tested everything listed beneath during my tenure arsenic a reviewer astatine The Verge, and I’m connected nan hunt for much awesome accessories to adhd to support this page fresh.

Some of our picks are applicable and affordable, truthful possibly it won’t eat into your gaming budget. However, others veer into splurge territory. Ultimately, these picks heighten each aspects of utilizing a Switch, whether you request a much comfortable controller, much microSD paper storage, a headset for backstage listening, aliases a smaller TV dock that you tin easy bring connected trips.

Whether you ain a modular $299.99 Switch, a $199.99 Switch Lite, aliases a $349.99 Switch OLED, Polygon’s Nintendo Switch accessories buying guideline will group you up pinch our favourite add-ons. To make it easier to shop, we’ve divided this guideline into aggregate categories, and you tin click done nan sections successful nan array of contents below.

Best Switch controllers

In lawsuit you aren’t smitten pinch nan mini Joy-Con controllers that travel bundled pinch nan Switch and Switch OLED (or successful lawsuit you’re looking for a little drift-prone alternative), location are immoderate controllers that we recommend. I’m injecting my hands-on knowledge beneath pinch immoderate of my favourite picks successful summation to older options that we still love.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you’re looking to upgrade your controller acquisition connected nan Nintendo Switch, you mightiness want to see nan first-party alternative: nan Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The achromatic translucent Nintendo Switch Pro controller The Switch Pro is an easy proposal that’s readily in-stock astatine astir stores (it gets prize constituent for being translucent). Image: Nintendo

This standard-size controller fits astir hands much comfortably than nan Switch’s different replacement power scheme: 2 Joy-Cons affixed to nan grip accessory that comes pinch nan console. The Pro Controller has a size and weight akin to different controllers from Sony and Microsoft. This added bulk makes nan controller consciousness much acquainted and comfortable. It has a dedicated D-pad, larger look buttons, much salient analog sticks, and overmuch easier-to-hit enarthrosis buttons. Unlike nan Joy-Cons successful their grip, which is 2 mini controllers trying to enactment for illustration 1 ample controller, nan Pro Controller feels for illustration a complete package. It besides has an amiibo reader, HD rumble, and a gyroscope.

8BitDo USB Adapter 2

Here’s a apt script for galore Switch owners: You whitethorn already ain Xbox aliases PlayStation controllers, and purchasing 1 aliases respective caller controllers isn’t viable.

The achromatic 8BitDo USB Adapter 2 sits successful nan mediate of controllers connected a woody table. The USB Adapter 2 is compatible pinch a wide scope of controllers. (Note: The v1 Adapter isn’t compatible pinch newer Xbox controllers.) Image: 8BitDo

Thankfully, there’s an action that’ll fto you usage your preexisting controllers pinch your Switch. Just bargain 8BitDo’s $19.99 USB Adapter 2 transmitter, which plugs into 1 of nan USB ports of your Switch’s dock.

With a push of a fastener connected nan dongle, you tin brace a controller making love backmost to nan Wii and PS3 era (you’ll request 2 USB Adapter 2s if you want to brace 2 of the supported controllers). After connecting my PlayStation 5’s DualSense, I was shocked to beryllium capable to play Splatoon 3 pinch meticulous rumble and mobility power support. Granted, nan on-screen fastener prompts successful Switch games whitethorn not accurately bespeak nan buttons connected your controller, but this is simply a good, affordable action if you’re operating connected a strict budget.

The GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro controller The KingKong 2 Pro besides comes successful white. Image: GuliKit

GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro

Design-wise, nan $69.99 GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro feels for illustration an Xbox wireless controller — bumpers, triggers, and all. However, it matches nan characteristic group of nan Switch Pro gamepad, including amiibo support and rumble (the haptics aren’t arsenic satisfying arsenic Nintendo’s). It supports Bluetooth, and it has a mode-switching fastener that lets it link to much than conscionable your Switch. However, its drift-resistance Hall effect analog sticks are its biggest trading point, and mightiness warrant nan costs for you.

I’ll support nan motto brief: Most controllers usage potentiometer analog sticks, which yet go little meticulous owed to a number of factors that this iFixit article lays retired nicely. Instead of processing drift complete time, GuliKit’s sticks look to debar it acknowledgment to nan Hall effect technology, which relies connected magnets to support its sensors accurate. Note that this characteristic isn’t needfully thing you tin consciousness functioning successful nan moment, but it’s reassuring nevertheless if you don’t want to switch your controller for this logic successful nan future.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth successful achromatic and achromatic are shown adjacent to Nintendo Switch consoles. Each Ultimate Bluetooth controller includes a charging dock. Nested wrong each dock is 1 of 8BitDo’s USB Adapter 2 transmitters. Image: 8BitDo

8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth

Like nan GuliKit action above, 8BitDo’s Ultimate Bluetooth controller has Hall effect sticks (made by GuliKit, nary less). It’s besides a $69.99 option, though it comes person to mimicking nan creation of Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (albeit pinch nary amiibo support). Some notable improvements, however, see its 2 rear backmost paddles that tin beryllium customized wrong 8BitDo’s PC aliases mobile app. In summation to connecting via Bluetooth to Switch, mobile, PC, and different platforms, it includes a charging dock that connects via USB-C. It houses an 8BitDo Adapter 2 transmitter, allowing nan controller to pass pinch it via a reliable 2.4 GHz connection. You get a small much for your money pinch nan 8BitDo controller versus GuliKit’s, though you mightiness for illustration 1 creation complete nan other.

The Hori Split Pad Pro attached to a Nintendo Switch The Split Pad Pro adds thickness, which gives nan Switch a much traditional-feeling grip. Photo: Russ Frushtick/Polygon

Hori Split Pad Pro / Split Pad Compact

The $49.99 Hori Split Pad Pro is simply a brace of detachable controllers that you tin usage successful spot of nan overmuch smaller modular Joy-Cons. These ample gamepads importantly summation nan bulk of nan Switch, making them much comfortable for those pinch larger hands. They besides person bigger... conscionable astir everything. The sticks, triggers, and buttons consciousness akin to different console controllers. However, they miss retired connected Joy-Con-exclusive functionality, for illustration rumble, amiibo support, and nan expertise to run while disconnected from nan Switch; these only activity erstwhile attached to it.

We praised nan Split Pad Pro for astir games successful our review, and we recovered it was particularly adjuvant erstwhile playing games pinch analyzable power schemes, for illustration Monster Hunter Rise, among galore others. The gamepads moreover person further buttons connected nan backmost that you tin delegate to customize your experience.

If you for illustration a smaller, much colorful alternative, Hori makes nan Split Pad Compact, which presently costs $39.99 astatine Amazon. I tested retired that exemplary for The Verge, and I for illustration its creation complete nan larger model. However, it has akin features (and can’t activity erstwhile detached from nan console).

A tablet equine is holding a Nintendo Switch facing an armchair. A Hollow Knight plush sits successful nan chair. This benignant of setup could beryllium awesome if you don’t want to clasp your Switch arsenic you play it. Photo: Nicole Clark/Polygon

Special mention: If you suffer from chronic symptom and it makes utilizing nan Switch successful portable mode a no-go for immoderate play of clip (or you want to much easy play your Switch successful bed), you mightiness want to cheque retired this peripheral. It was featured successful my workfellow Nicole Clark’s station from Polygon’s Training Mode typical issue. By detaching your Switch’s Joy-Cons, you tin clamp nan Switch (or different screen) onto this articulating guidelines truthful that you tin position it wherever it’s astir comfortable for you to look at. It was primitively priced astatine $29.99, but you tin usually find it for a fewer dollars little astatine Amazon.

Best Switch headphones

The champion group of headphones for your Switch mightiness beryllium nan ones you already own. If you’re happy pinch plugging successful a wired group into nan console’s 3.5 mm jack, past you astir apt don’t request to upgrade. However, if it’s wireless connectivity that you’re after, location are galore options ranging successful price. It’s existent that nan long-awaited Switch Bluetooth audio support that arrived successful 2021 allows you to link thing from AirPods to high-end, over-ear noise-canceling headphones. That’s great, successful theory. But successful my experience, nan precocious audio latency makes it a non-starter, particularly successful games wherever you request to trust connected sound cues for success. You ought to effort it yourself, arsenic your acquisition whitethorn vary.

Keep successful mind that immoderate headset that ships pinch a USB audio transmitter will activity good (those tin scope wildly successful price, design, and successful position of features). For a simpler list, these are nan low-latency wireless headsets that I’d urge to astir people.

The achromatic and purple Logitech G435 Lightspeed gaming headset sits successful nan authors hands. The G435 travel successful 3 colour schemes. This white/purple exemplary is usually 1 of nan astir affordable, while nan black/neon yellowish tends to stay person to its original $79.99 trading price. Photo: Amelia Holowaty Krales/The Verge

Logitech G435 Lightspeed

In nan oversea of options, Logitech’s G435 Lightspeed stands retired pinch its debased value and a database of features that goes connected and on. It’s communal to find immoderate colour schemes trading for little than $50, and astatine that, you’re getting a comfortable (big heads beware — it’s connected nan mini broadside successful position of sizing) headset that tin present low-latency audio erstwhile its included USB-A 2.4 GHz transmitter is plugged into your Switch’s dock. (Note: It besides useful perfectly erstwhile plugged into a PC aliases PlayStation.)

This headset tin besides link to devices via Bluetooth, and a fastener connected its receptor cup makes it easy to move betwixt wireless modes if you want to return a telephone telephone (sadly, it can’t watercourse in-game and Bluetooth audio simultaneously). While its creation isn’t arsenic reliable aliases arsenic unassuming arsenic immoderate pricier headsets, its popular of colour mightiness beryllium what you’re after.

(G435 Lightspeed photography provided by Amelia Holowaty Krales astatine The Verge.)

The Logitech G Fits earbuds are going done their heated molding process. The G Fits only ray up during nan first power molding stage, successful which they fresh to nan unsocial style of your ear. Image: Logitech

Logitech G Fits

For thing wholly different, Logitech makes these gaming earbuds that tin morph to nan style of your soul ear. The G Fits person a one-time setup that uses ray to power up nan gel-tipped insert, giving them a civilization fresh that’s for your ears only. It’s an absorbing feature, but it’s nan performance, comfort, and features that sold maine connected nan G Fits. They primitively sold for a whopping $229.99, but it’s communal to find them for astir $50 off.

Thanks to their customized fit, games and different media sound excellent, and they get successful a mini charging case. There’s a mini USB-A 2.4 GHz transmitter included that tin plug into your Switch’s dock. In lawsuit you want to usage them connected nan go, Logitech included a USB-A-to-C converter, truthful you tin plug nan transmitter straight into nan Switch (this useful awesome pinch different consoles, too).

The G Fits tin toggle betwixt wireless modes by triple-tapping connected nan extracurricular aboveground of either earbud, truthful it’s easy to flip betwixt devices. Given that nan G Fits are a somewhat modified type of nan UE Fits (from nan Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears), you get each of nan aforesaid perks that our sister tract The Verge wrote astir in their review. But this exemplary packs successful a small other artillery life and, of course, nan expertise to tether to Logitech’s low-latency Lightspeed USB dongle. If $175 is excessively pricey for now, hold until you tin find a woody connected nan G Fits, past return nan plunge. I’ll beryllium searching for much affordable alternatives successful nan meantime.

Best Switch dock alternatives

The Switch dock that Nintendo includes is useful, but bulky erstwhile bringing it on connected trips. If you don’t want to return a chance connected a USB-C hub that whitethorn aliases whitethorn not activity arsenic intended, cheque retired Genki’s dock replacements that are arsenic mini arsenic telephone chargers. Its $49.99 Covert Dock Mini has a USB-C larboard (20 W charging) and an HDMI larboard pinch 4K/30 frames per 2nd support — much than you request to output your Switch’s interface to a TV aliases monitor. In summation to serving arsenic a Switch dock that fits successful your pocket, it’s compatible pinch immoderate instrumentality that tin output video via USB-C, for illustration nan Steam Deck, immoderate iPads, Android phones, and laptops.

For a somewhat much robust group of ports, nan somewhat larger and much costly $74.99 Covert Dock tin link your Switch to a TV pinch its USB-C and HDMI inputs, positive you tin plug successful a USB-A accessory. It tin complaint a small faster than nan 20 W Covert Dock Mini, too, acknowledgment to its 30 W gallium nitride (GaN) tech, and it tin show up to 1080p astatine 60 frames per second. This exemplary tin besides beryllium utilized pinch a big of different gadgets, serving conscionable arsenic good arsenic a USB-C hub for your iPad, laptop, and more. I reviewed this 1 complete astatine The Verge.

Best Switch chargers and batteries

The Nintendo Switch consoles person a decent artillery life erstwhile playing successful handheld mode, but they won’t past arsenic agelong as, say, your phone. If you’re distant from your dock and request to complaint nan strategy aft a fewer hours of aggravated gameplay, you tin simply plug a USB-C cablegram into nan console (chances person ne'er been higher that it’s nan aforesaid connector your laptop aliases telephone uses). This charger will besides activity awesome pinch nan Steam Deck, arsenic they person nan aforesaid benignant of charging connector.

If you don’t already person a wall plug for recharging your Switch, they’re inexpensive and plentiful successful position of sizes, colors, and charging speeds. You can’t spell incorrect by getting an further Nintendo-branded Switch charger, for illustration nan 1 that comes pinch each Switch console. Those are $29.99.

For thing that’s a small much powerful and has 2 USB-C ports, Anker’s 40 W 521 wall charger is simply a decent woody astatine $35.99 from Amazon. It tin complaint a Switch astatine its fastest charging speed, and you person an other larboard to complaint your telephone aliases different gadget. However, you’ll person to proviso nan USB-C cable. (Thankfully, those are affordable. This two-pack of Anker six-foot USB-C-to-C cables costs $15.99.)

However, if you’re not adjacent an outlet, you tin ever use a portable artillery to complaint nan console arsenic you play. At this constituent successful nan Switch’s life cycle, it’s difficult to find affordable options that aren’t a bully fresh for your Nintendo Switch. In my opinion, get nan artillery pinch nan biggest capacity (usually listed arsenic mAh) and nan fastest wattage that your fund allows. Here are 2 batteries that connection a bully worth astatine a debased price:

Best Switch microSD cards

If you for illustration integer versus beingness copies of games, you’ll want 1 of your first accessory purchases to beryllium a high-capacity microSD card. The Switch and Switch Lite see 32 GB of onboard storage, while nan Switch that has an OLED surface doubles it to 64 GB. Either way, a fistful of games will apt capable it up completely, truthful we urge getting either a 256 GB aliases a 512 GB microSD paper to get nan champion worth complete time. The larger capacity connected your card, nan much games you tin shop connected nan strategy to play astatine immoderate time.

Compared to erstwhile nan Switch launched successful 2017, location are plentifulness of deals connected microSD cards, making it much affordable to get much storage. It mightiness beryllium tempting to get 1 of nan Nintendo-licensed SanDisk microSD cards, for illustration this cute 512 GB Animal Crossing-themed card, aliases 1 that has a star from nan Super Mario Bros. franchise, but these thin to upcharge for nan cosmetic look. Instead, get 1 of these models that delivers much retention for your money.

Switch games that see unsocial accessories

These Nintendo Switch games travel pinch accessories for one-of-a-kind gameplay experiences, moving successful tandem pinch nan Switch’s hardware and getting you moving.

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is portion fittingness journey, portion role-playing game. To play, you must usage a typical controller accessory called nan Ring-Con arsenic good arsenic a limb strap (both included pinch nan game, totaling astir $70) to compression retired thorax presses, jumping jacks, and different workout activities. Your beingness activity determines your advancement done nan story, and it scales to your comfortableness level.

a female successful workout cogwheel holds a yoga airs pinch nan Ring-Con while playing Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure Your workout moves power nan crippled successful Ring Fit Adventure. Photo: Nintendo

The workouts are legit but are awesome moreover for fittingness newcomers. Regardless of your diversion prowess, you’ll turn on pinch nan game’s story. The ever-useful assets that is claims that completing nan main communicative and other challenges takes 64 hours.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

While location are various Joy-Con steering instrumentality accessories for nan Nintendo Switch — and moreover a full-size steering wheel — Mario and his kart are immoderate of nan astir absorbing Switch accessories.

 Home Circuit Image: Nintendo/YouTube

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit turns your surviving room into a racecourse by combining different pieces of gear. The kit comes pinch respective cardboard gates that you spot astir your location to conception a racetrack. Then, by utilizing either nan Mario aliases Luigi artifact title cars (priced astatine astir $100 — they’re getting harder to find, sadly), nan vehicle’s built-in camera “sees” nan track. The camera-enabled cars brace pinch your Switch, which lets you thrust from nan racer’s position arsenic you zip astir your home.