Teacher presents to kids that Nintendo characters have sexual-gender identities: 'Peach is a massive lesbian'

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A coach employed by New York City Department of Education presented to middle-school students that Nintendo characters person different intersexual and gender identities.

Remy Elliott, who is certified nether nan sanction Jeremy William Elliott, posts nationalist videos connected her TikTok relationship describing her approach to teaching. She presently teaches 9th people English astatine nan DOE, but antecedently taught younger grades. After Fox News Digital reached retired for comment, Elliott deleted nan videos successful mobility and put her relationship connected private.  

At an after-school programme for a DOE school's Gay Straight Alliance club, Elliott went done a bid of Nintendo characters and ascribed to nan fictional video crippled characters a assortment of sexuality and gender identities. 

Remy Elliott is simply a New York City Department of Education teacher.

Remy Elliott is simply a New York City Department of Education teacher. (Fox News Digital | Screenshot/TikTok | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

"So nan GSA for nan schoolhouse that I thatch astatine decided to do a PowerPoint night, and I decided to harvester 2 of my favourite interests into one. This is dubiously assigning genders and sexualities to classical Nintendo characters," she said.

"Yoshi is simply a trans man. He is conscionable surviving his champion life pinch Berto, and his apical room turned retired amazing. No scars whatsoever. We emotion that for him," she said. "Of course, that intends that Berto is an ace trans girl."


"No surprises pinch Peach. She is simply a monolithic cis lesbian… Whenever she's astir Daisy, she conscionable wholly forgets really to speak."

"We've sewage Daisy [who is] hella bisexual, polyamorous... and she will inquire your woman retired correct successful beforehand of you."

"Mario… came retired truthful agelong agone that astir group forgot and he astir apt marched astatine Stonewall and he low-key says immoderate transphobic stuff, but he intends well."

"Next up is Luigi. Luigi is wholly a demisexual dude, but he conscionable calls himself queer because it's for illustration excessively confusing. He has large bi-wife energy. Trans? Trans. And it's astir apt bisexual, but like, idoesn't deliberation astir it excessively overmuch because if you don't deliberation astir it, it's not a problem," nan coach said. 

Remy Elliott presents that Yoshi is transgender and sewage a double mastectomy.

Remy Elliott presents that Yoshi is transgender and sewage a double mastectomy. (TikTok/screenshot)


"Toad is evidently a pre-transitioned trans girl. She already has a full caller wardrobe pinch thigh highs and skirts for erstwhile she comes out."

Elliott told Fox News Digital that "the slides you mentioned were created successful jest for nan liking of humor. It's besides unusual to constituent retired that they person genders and sexualities, arsenic being a cisgender heterosexual man is successful truth a gender and intersexual orientation."

She continued, "As portion of my DOE employment, contempt being chiefly hired arsenic an English Teacher, school our established and vetted activity acquisition program was not only thing I was hired for, it was thing I was trained and qualified in."

Remy Elliott is simply a New York City Department of Education. 

Remy Elliott is simply a New York City Department of Education.  (Fox News Digital | Screenshot/TikTok)

In different videos, Elliott discussed speaking pinch her school's adjunct main astir really to bring up pinch her students that she is polyamorous. Polyamory is characterized by aliases progressive successful nan believe of engaging successful aggregate romanticist aliases intersexual relationships, pinch nan consent of each nan group involved.

"I pridefulness myself connected being a coach who is very unfastened astir her life. And 1 of nan things I'm very unfastened astir is my sexuality. I person a trans flag, a bi[sexual] flag, a non-binary flag each connected my table astatine my work. But there's 1 point I'm not unfastened about, and it's being poly[amorous]," nan coach said.

"I don't cognize really to grip that conversation, because while I cognize that nan kids are much accepting of things for illustration homosexuality, bisexuality, each of that, polyamory is not successful nan conversation," she said. "So nan evident answer, nan 1 that I went to first, is I'm not going to talk astir it, but that feels incorrect too. I don't for illustration lying to my students. I don't for illustration telling them falsehoods."


After speaking pinch an administrator, Elliott said it would beryllium due to speak astir her relationships pinch students extracurricular of class. 

A San Francisco-based filmmaker anonymously condemned gender affirming attraction sager seeing what happened to her ain son.

A San Francisco-based filmmaker anonymously condemned gender affirming attraction sager seeing what happened to her ain son. (iStock)

"So I conjecture what tentatively I've decided aft talking pinch my co-teachers and my adjunct principal is possibly nan correct measurement to do it is reply nan mobility honestly. Say, well, I don't consciousness comfortable talking astir who I'm successful a narration pinch successful this circumstantial setting. I will opportunity that I americium bisexual. I've dated group of galore different genders."


"If you're willing, if you're willing to talk astir that aliases my ain circumstantial relationship, you're really, really insistent. Let's conscionable not do it successful nan schoolroom setting, and we tin do it for illustration successful luncheon aliases successful nan afterschool GSA nine aliases thing for illustration that," nan coach said.

She went connected to declare that conservatives are "children" successful their thought processes for opposing those conversations pinch kids. 

"And nan truth of nan matter is, this is not a speech that conservatives are having astatine all. They've decided… like, you can't do this astatine all, there's nary spot for it. And that conscionable shows specified a deficiency of thought and care. They're not knowing of nan people. They're children arsenic group and wherever they're at."

Elliott told Fox News astir these statements, "When asked astir my individual life, I respected nan mentoring of my employers and was honorable wrong reasonable limits successful bid to create a welcoming situation for nan students to consciousness comfortable getting to cognize their teachers—again, wrong limits."

Hannah Grossman is an Associate Editor astatine Fox News Digital.