Taliban security forces kill 2 militants from Islamic State group in overnight raid

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Taliban information forces killed 2 militants from nan Islamic State group and detained a 3rd successful an overnight ambush successful nan Afghan superior of Kabul, nan spokesperson for nan Taliban authorities said Monday.

The location connection of nan Islamic State group — known arsenic nan Islamic State successful Khorasan Province — is simply a cardinal rival of nan Taliban. The militant group has accrued its attacks successful Afghanistan since nan Taliban takeover of nan state successful August 2021. Targets person included Taliban patrols and members of Afghanistan’s Shiite minority.

Separately, nan Taliban gained power complete nan play of Afghanistan's Embassy successful Iran, antecedently staffed pinch appointees of nan U.S.-backed Afghan government, and connected Monday appointed their ain diplomats to nan mission.

According to Zabihullah Mujahid, nan main Taliban authorities spokesman, nan Kabul cognition took spot successful a residential neighborhood, targeting IS militants who were readying to shape attacks successful nan Afghan capital. He said nan Kher Khana vicinity is an important IS hideout.


There was nary contiguous remark from nan IS.

Mujahid said 2 IS members were killed and 1 was arrested, and ammunition and subject instrumentality were seized successful nan raid. There were nary casualties among nan Taliban forces during successful nan operation, he added.

In a abstracted cognition this month, Taliban intelligence forces killed 3 IS militants and arrested 1 successful an overnight cognition successful eastbound portion of Kabul, successful Karti Naw neighborhood. The Taliban had claimed that IS was down organized caller attacks successful nan capital.

This is simply a locator representation for Kabul, Afghanistan. Two militants pinch nan Islamic State Group were killed by Taliban information forces successful Kabul.

This is simply a locator representation for Kabul, Afghanistan. Two militants pinch nan Islamic State Group were killed by Taliban information forces successful Kabul. (AP Photo)

Overnight, posts connected on societal media reported respective explosions and small-arms occurrence successful nan area of Kher Khana.

The Taliban swept crossed nan state successful mid-August 2021, seizing powerfulness arsenic U.S. and NATO forces were successful nan past weeks of their last withdrawal from Afghanistan aft 20 years of war. The world organization has not recognized nan Taliban government, wary of nan harsh measures they person imposed since their takeover, restricting authorities and freedoms, particularly for of women and minorities.


Afghanistan’s system has been sent into a tailspin since nan takeover, pinch millions driven into poorness and hunger. Foreign assistance stopped almost overnight. Sanctions connected Taliban rulers, a halt connected slope transfers and stiff billions successful Afghanistan’s rate reserves overseas person already restricted entree to world institutions and nan extracurricular money that supported nan country’s aid-dependent economy before nan U.S. and NATO pullout.

In neighboring Iran connected Sunday, authorities handed complete power of Afghanistan’s Embassy successful Tehran to envoys of nan Taliban government. Previously, nan embassy was staffed by nan U.S.-backed Afghan authorities envoys.

The improvement was a triumph for nan Taliban administration, which is expected to now alert nan Taliban emblem complete nan ngo successful nan Iranian capital, not nan Afghan flag.

There was nary charismatic remark from Tehran connected nan transportation of authority and it was unclear if that constituted an charismatic nickname of nan Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, arsenic nan Taliban telephone their administration.

In Kabul, nan Taliban Foreign Affairs Ministry successful a connection said embassy "activities will proceed successful Tehran pursuing nan dispatching" of a caller chargé d’affaires and diplomats from Afghanistan. The connection further stresses that changing ngo diplomats overseas is nan morganatic correct of each country.


"The caller appointments," it said, would guarantee "transparency successful nan affairs of nan embassy arsenic good arsenic expanded relations successful various fields betwixt nan 2 Muslim and brotherly countries."

Zia Ahmad, Taliban-appointed lawman spokesperson astatine nan overseas ministry, said Monday that Fazel Mohammad Haqqani, was named nan caller chargé d’affaires successful Iran. The spokesperson described nan caller envoy — arsenic an "experienced" diplomat.

Ahmad said a seven-member squad was sent to Tehran pinch Haqqani to supply services to Afghans successful Iran.

This was "an important and adjuvant measurement successful bilateral relations betwixt Afghanistan and Iran," Ahmad added.