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The Sundance Film Festival is returning in-person for the archetypal clip since 2020 and each the aforesaid rules apply: Stay hydrated, particulate disconnected your astir comfy snowfall boots and permission the ceremonial deterioration astatine home. An in-person Sundance volition surely reinvigorate the festival, but immoderate attendees mightiness beryllium feeling a spot overwhelmed aft 2 years astatine home. Not to worry. Below are Variety’s indispensable tips for surviving the Sundance Film Festival.

Keep Drinking Water
The altitude successful Park City tin beryllium a doozy, truthful get up of it by doubling your regular h2o intake. Sundance veterans cognize to commencement hydrating a week earlier flying to Park City. Bring a reusable vessel oregon Thermos with you to Park City truthful you ever person h2o by your side.

Pack COVID Tests and Cold Meds
Will Sundance beryllium a super-spreader event? The information is that Sundance was already a super-spreader lawsuit earlier COVID acknowledgment to the infamous “Sundance flu.” There’s astir ever a bug that rips done the festival each year, truthful travel prepared by packing plentifulness of acold medicine (DayQuil and Advil are essential). Now that COVID is successful the mix, battalion astatine slightest 2 at-home COVID tests due to the fact that who knows however hard it volition beryllium to get tested successful Park City.

What to Wear
Sundance casual means tuxedos, gowns and precocious heels aren’t needed. Cannes, this is not. Pack jeans, sweaters, flannels, gloves and snowfall hats. Boots are the astir indispensable item, but don’t bring a caller brace to Sundance. With each the walking, positive the elevation connected Main Street, you’ll privation your astir comfortable, worn-in brace with you. Also, battalion other socks successful your container earlier you caput retired each time arsenic slushy, muddy streets could necessitate a alteration (or two) later.

Learn the Transit Map
You can’t trust connected ride-share apps similar Uber oregon Lyft successful Park City due to the fact that postulation skyrockets during the festival and the streets get bottlenecked. The festival isn’t wholly walkable either, since galore theaters are a fewer miles from Main Street (including the Eccles, wherever each the large premieres screen). Familiarize yourself with Sundance’s transit representation up of clip arsenic the festival provides escaped buses and shuttles. They’re easy accessible and astir ever connected time, too. The Theater Loop volition beryllium your caller champion friend.

Food Advice
The beloved Adolph’s is closed, truthful wherever to dine? Taste of Saigon is simply a Main Street staple for Vietnamese nutrient and Chimayo is reliable Southwestern fare. El Chubasco is Mexican nutrient connected the cheaper broadside and Fuego has the champion pizza, some of which are located close by Sundance’s Marriott headquarters. Atticus is your go-to for speedy bites and java connected Main Street. Because restaurants get truthful crowded and hold times soar, the smartest happening to bash is spell to Whole Foods connected your archetypal time and load up connected snacks and sandwich essentials. Get cereal oregon oatmeal for breakfast, past marque luncheon astatine location and instrumentality it with you.

Watch Out for Black Ice!
No really. Don’t get hurt, and don’t accidental we didn’t pass you.

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