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Stephen Colbert teased his interrogation with Prince Harry by poking immoderate amusive astatine the royal.

The Late Show host said he's work the Duke of Sussex's memoir, Spare, connected Monday's amusement portion previewing Harry's quality connected the program, airing Tuesday.

"I've work the publication — it's precise enjoyable, rather emotional, rather revealing. I'm going to person truthful overmuch to speech astir with His Harryness," Colbert said, aft joking that Spare was "also disposable connected audiobook and a commemorative plate."

The big past played a clip from Prince Harry's 60 Minutes interrogation with Anderson Cooper, wherever helium spoke astir erstwhile Prince William didn't privation to subordinate with him astatine school, thing Colbert said was "straight retired of the older brother/sibling playbook."

"Well, that's heartbreaking. I mean, to beryllium rejected by his older member astatine school, adjacent though that magic chapeau sorted them into the aforesaid house," Colbert said, referencing the Harry Potter sorting chapeau astatine Hogwarts. "What bash you think? Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? I'm not sure."

Colbert past introduced a clip of Cooper's interrogation successful which helium work a transition from Spare wherever Prince Harry recalled a contentious gathering with Prince William, wherever helium described his older brother's "familiar scowl" and "alarming baldness."

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"That's beauteous cutting," Cooper said during the interview, to which Harry replied, "I don't deliberation it's cutting astatine all."

Smirking astatine the camera, Colbert past joked, "No — origin William's truthful bald, helium doesn't request immoderate cutting — americium I right? Am I right, Harry?"

Approaching the camera with his manus up for a precocious five, the speech amusement big added, "Up top, baby. Don't permission maine successful the Tower of London up here."

"Tune successful time to spot if helium leaves maine hanging," Colbert said.

Prince William and Prince Harry. Daniel Leavl-Olivas-Pool Getty Images

Prince Harry's quality connected The Late Show connected Tuesday volition beryllium the 4th tv interrogation this week surrounding the merchandise of Spare, retired now. In summation to speaking with Cooper connected 60 Minutes, the Duke of Sussex besides spoke with ITV's Tom Bradby for an interrogation that aired Sunday successful the U.K. and Good Morning America's Michael Strahan, a chat which aired connected Monday.

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Amid days of aggravated absorption to his groundbreaking book, Harry opens up further astir "the earthy account" helium offers successful his candid publication successful an exclusive interrogation with PEOPLE.

The publication overgarment of Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare'. PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE

"I don't privation to archer anyone what to deliberation of it and that includes my family," helium says. "This publication and its truths are successful galore ways a continuation of my ain intelligence wellness journey. It's a earthy relationship of my beingness — the good, the atrocious and everything successful between."

"My anticipation has been to crook my symptom into purpose, truthful if sharing my acquisition makes a affirmative quality successful someone's life, well, I can't deliberation of thing much rewarding than that!" helium says.

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