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Steph Curry couldn't assistance but grin erstwhile helium heard those words.

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Steph Curry received the highest praise imaginable from his manager Steve Kerr erstwhile Kerr called him the "modern MJ". The praise came due to the fact that of however Curry was capable to surpass Jordan's attendance grounds astatine the Alamodome and conscionable however good Curry has been capable to battalion opposing arenas with fans.

The infinitesimal Curry heard those words aft the game, helium instantly smiled. Even though it was a peculiar statement, Curry diverted it to being much of a squad accomplishment of the Warriors, alternatively of an idiosyncratic one.

"The happening that's absorbing is due to the fact that helium played with him and understood what the roadworthy shows looked similar and opposing arenas with fans coming retired and however dub federation has grown implicit the years, truthful that's special," Curry said. "I deliberation each clip you instrumentality the level and you consciousness that energy, I don't ever instrumentality it for granted due to the fact that it wasn't ever similar that. That's what we play the crippled for successful the consciousness of fans being a portion of the journey, coming out, spending their hard-earned wealth connected tickets, and creating an ambiance similar we had tonight. From the clip we ran retired connected the level for warmups, passim the full game, it was amazing. Fortunately, we consciousness that astir nights connected the roadworthy and astatine home. That means a batch obviously."

Before Curry finished his response, helium paused and made 1 much large smile. He knew that Steve Kerr's position is 1 has won championships with some Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. In the humblest mode possible, Curry said he'd emotion those comparisons to his coach.

"I'll permission it to him to marque that comparison, but it is peculiar knowing what our accomplishments person done successful presumption of bringing that ambiance nighttime aft night, adjacent connected the road."

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