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Stadia, Google's less-than-successful effort to participate the unreality gaming market, volition unopen down connected Wednesday, January 18. Though immoderate games are already not playable connected the service, including Destiny 2, galore games volition inactive let you to transportation your information from the unreality work onto different platform.

However, Destiny steadfast Bungie warns that players who neglect to acceptable up cross-save earlier Wednesday volition suffer astir everything, truthful decidedly get connected that earlier you suffer each these saccharine Eververse purchases. As mentioned elsewhere, Google has already begun the process of refunding each crippled purchases, add-on contented and subscription fees made done Stadia, though that does not see Stadia Pro subscription fees.

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If you're a Stadia subscriber with immoderate clip to kill, cheque retired the humble Worm game that Google utilized to trial the work for years, which is present disposable to play. Other Stadia fans who are inactive mourning the decease of the work mightiness beryllium hanging astir its authoritative Discord, truthful spell bent retired determination if you're feeling a spot lonely. In the supra article, Stadia superfan CloudKnight described his overwhelming feeling astir the shutdown arsenic 1 of abject disappointment. That said, helium inactive feels that unreality gaming is the future. Unfortunately for Stadia, it won't beryllium a portion of that.

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