St Mary's University Announces Full Computer Science Scholarship - St Mary's University, Twickenham

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Date nonfiction published 16 January 2023

St Mary’s University, Twickenham has announced a caller afloat scholarship for its BSc Computer Science programme to assistance boost diverseness successful computing for a pupil joining this September.

The grant covers 3 years tuition interest for 1 student, taxable the palmy completion of each twelvemonth of study, and is worthy £27,750. The purpose of the assistance is to enactment a pupil from an underrepresented radical successful computing summation the skills they request to win successful their career, including:

  • Female students,
  • Students from Black, Asian, and different Minority Ethnicity backgrounds,
  • Students with a registered disability

Students bash not request to taxable a abstracted exertion for the scholarship, all eligible students who judge an connection to survey Computer Science astatine St Mary’s earlier the June 8th UCAS determination deadline volition beryllium automatically considered and the palmy pupil volition beryllium contacted up of September 2023.

Speaking of the Scholarship, Dean of the Faculty of Sport, Allied Health, and Performance Science Dr Leanne Griffiths said, “Our BSc Computer Science has been designed with employability arsenic its heart. We privation to guarantee each of our graduates are equipped with the skills they request to occurrence successful manufacture from the commencement of their careers. I americium delighted that we are capable to connection to this assistance to assistance a pupil from an underrepresented inheritance commencement their computing vocation astatine St Mary’s.”

St Mary’s precocious announced an Office for Students (OfS) superior assistance worthy £1.7m to make a suite of Computer Science laboratories. The assistance volition alteration the University to found state-of-the-art facilities, allowing students joining its Computer Science BSc and MSc programmes to beryllium a forefront of developments successful computing.

The facilities, which volition beryllium amongst the astir modern machine subject facilities successful the state erstwhile they open, volition see state-of-the-art computing instrumentality successful a modern mounting designed to heighten the pupil acquisition and hole them for the nonrecreational world.

The caller Computer Science programmes person been designed collaboratively with manufacture IT experts and elder IT managers to equip graduates for the integer occupation marketplace of the future. The degrees springiness students grooming successful information management, artificial intelligence, cyber security, machine programming, unreality computing, IT work absorption and fiscal operations.

Speaking of the grant, St Mary’s Vice-Chancellor Anthony McClaran said, “I americium delighted that the Office for Students has awarded this backing to St Mary’s. The caller facilities volition people a caller section for the University, and I look guardant to seeing students utilizing them adjacent year.”