SSV Network Price up by 27%, ETHDenver Hackathon boost confidence

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SSV Network Price

  • SSV Network token value has reached caller each clip precocious and besides entered into nan apical 100 crypto rate list
  • SSV Network celebrated nan ETHDenver Hackathon and sewage immense participation
  • SSV crypto value has gained 27% connected nan play ground and 24 hours measurement up by 44.39%

SSV Network token value is trading pinch nan bullish cues and bulls are trying to break retired of nan $44.00 hurdle level. However, prices look to beryllium facing beardown guidance and mightiness consolidate for immoderate clip earlier continuing nan further momentum. Currently, The brace of SSV/USDT is trading astatine $42.82 pinch 24 hours gains of 13.35% and nan 24-hour measurement to marketplace headdress ratio astatine 0.1492

Will SSV Network value beryllium capable to scope $50.00 ?

 SSV/USDT 1 hr floor plan by Tradingview

SSV Network token value is picking up affirmative momentum and rising upward by forming caller higher precocious swings which shows that nan money is flowing into this web and investors look for illustration expecting a decent return successful nan coming months. Recently, SSV Network has travel into nan spotlight owed to its ETHDenver Hackathon which sewage a immense consequence from nan different crypto lovers and successful summation to that successful nan aforesaid clip SSV Network entered into nan database of apical 100 crypto currencies which further boosted nan assurance of nan investors.

SSV web value building shows that nan token is successful nan short word uptrend and bulls are trying their champion to proceed nan upward momentum. Few days ago, SSV prices managed to break retired of nan $35.00 hurdle level which has created a affirmative dream for nan bullish traders and prices changeable up 27% successful conscionable a short span of time. However, prices look to beryllium lacking momentum adjacent nan plaything precocious guidance astatine $44.00 which will enactment arsenic an contiguous hurdle for nan bulls but if buyers succeeded to break retired of nan $44.00 level past we mightiness spot nan prices deed caller each clip precocious and scope $50.00 mark.

On nan different hand, If SSV token prices faced rejection from nan proviso area past bears mightiness effort to propulsion nan prices down toward $35.00 level. However, $35.00 will enactment arsenic a beardown support area for nan bulls and prices are expected to bounce backmost from nan support levels. The method indicators of SSV tokens for illustration MACD person generated a affirmative crossover indicating bullishness to proceed for immoderate much clip and nan RSI astatine 64 denotes much room for upside is unfastened for nan bullish traders.


SSV Network token value is successful nan short word uptrend and slow and dependable continuing nan upward momentum. However, method study shows that prices are adjacent to nan proviso area and mightiness spot immoderate benignant of consolidation earlier deciding nan further direction.

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $44.00 and $50.00

Support levels : $35.00 and $30.00


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