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Honestly, what were we thinking?

The aboriginal 2010s were a pugnacious clip for fashion. There was a batch of concern casual attire being worn to the club, excessive pleather and spikes, and boho chic was taken to caller levels.

Aly Michaelka wearing necktie dye and owl necklace

John Sciulli / WireImage / Via Getty Images

As it's 2023, let's look backmost to 10 years agone and relive the astir shameful trends we took portion of. Prepare to cringe.

Girl pulling her trendy sweater implicit caput being shy

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1. Space Leggings

A exemplary wears postulation people leggings and Converse successful a field

Aimee Anderson Photography / Via Getty Images

Space leggings, postulation leggings, immoderate you called them, they were...hideous. And we should not person been allowed to deterioration them successful public. On the agleam side, I conjecture they went with everything, since they were truthful ridiculous that they didn't truly lucifer with anything.

2. Peplum Shirts

Singer/actress Selena Gomez attends the 2013 NewNowNext Awards astatine The Fonda Theatre connected April 13, 2013 successful Los Angeles, California

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

No 1 could flight the peplum garment trend, not adjacent the trendiest celebs. There was nary crushed for this design. As overmuch arsenic the silhouette tried to beryllium flattering, it conscionable looked dumb.

3. Owl Necklaces

Bianca Gascoigne Attends The European Premiere Of Happy Feet Two At The Empire Leicester Square

John Phillips / UK Press / Via Getty Images

What was with the obsession with owl necklaces? I don't know, but you were guaranteed to spot these connected each different miss astatine the mall, astatine school, and adjacent connected reddish carpets.

4. Wedge Sneakers

A changeable of a exemplary from waist down, showing greenish and yellowish precocious wedge sneakers

Bill Diodato / Via Getty Images

I blasted Beyoncé and decorator Isabel Marant for this inclination taking off, and to beryllium fair, immoderate of them were beauteous cute. But a batch of them were decidedly not cute, and making sneakers into a bottommost takes distant from the comfortableness of wearing sneakers, truthful delight don't bring these back.

5. Spiked Shoes

Host Nick Cannon (shoe detail) execute onstage during the 5th Annual TeenNick HALO Awards astatine Hollywood Palladium connected November 17, 2013 successful Hollywood, California

Mark Davis / Nickelodeon / Via Getty Images

It didn't substance if these were made by Christian Louboutin — they were a transgression against fashion. The inexpensive knockoffs were adjacent worse.

6. Harem Pants

Alli Simpson arrives astatine the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards astatine Nokia Theatre L.A. Live connected April 27, 2013 successful Los Angeles, California

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Via Getty Images

I mean, points for comfort, due to the fact that breezy pants ever consciousness nice. But determination was virtually nary footwear that looked bully with these, which was astir apt due to the fact that they were hideous.

7. Skull Print Scarves

Actress Christie Carlson Romano attends the motorboat of the caller T-Mobile Sidekick LX astatine The Clubhouse connected October 16, 2007 successful Los Angeles, California

Chris Weeks / WireImage / Via Getty Images

Everyone was wearing these, making the skull and crossbones nary longer conscionable a signifier for the emo and goth kids to don. But thing kills a inclination similar having it crook implicit to the mainstream, and the skull and crossbones signifier ne'er recovered.

8. High Low Skirts and Dresses

Annemarie Eilfeld attends the Smago Award 2014 astatine Best Western MOA Hotel connected November 26, 2014 successful Berlin, Germany

Target Presse Agentur Gmbh / Via Getty Images

This chopped of formal was not flattering oregon appealing, but radical truly seemed to emotion it. Is it truly that hard to take betwixt a mini skirt and a maxi dress?!

9. Metallic Leggings

TV property Amanda Seales attends the American Airlines and motorboat enactment astatine The Studio Musuem connected August 3, 2012 successful New York City

Dave Kotinsky / Via Getty Images

2013 was a twelvemonth for each antithetic kinds of leggings, including metallic leggings. I don't cognize if we tin pin this connected American Apparel, but this is simply a inclination we should person nipped successful the bud close away.

10. Coachella Chic

Music instrumentality attends time 2 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival astatine the Empire Polo Club connected April 12, 2014 successful Indio, California

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

It's 1 happening to stone cutoffs, angiosperm crowns, and fringy shirts astatine a euphony festival. It's different to commencement rocking a Coachella-chic wardrobe everywhere. There's a clip and spot for everything, and anyplace but a euphony festival is not the spot for that style.

11. Mesh Cutout Tops

Young pistillate successful mesh cutout achromatic top

Hammett79 / iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

This one, I deliberation we tin pin connected American Apparel. Their heavy V mesh cutout formal was inescapable backmost successful the day. Truthfully, it wasn't arsenic sexy arsenic radical wanted to judge it was, and it was conscionable uncomfortable.

12. Clip-in Feathers

Ke$ha attends the NRJ Music Awards 2010 astatine Palais des Festivals connected January 23, 2010 successful Cannes, France

Dominique Charriau / WireImage / Via Getty Images

This was 1 I ne'er understood, due to the fact that truly, what was the point? It wasn't similar you could straighten oregon curl the feather to incorporated it into your hairstyle. It was conscionable a weird afterthought that ne'er looked right.

13. Pleather Jeans

Jessie J walks down the thoroughfare successful faux leather leggings and sunglasses

Ignat / GC Images / Via Getty Images

The rebranding of pleather (considered cheap) arsenic vegan leather (considered eco-friendly and smart) should beryllium studied. Honestly, possibly it already has been. Either way, don't bring backmost the pleather jeans! They're excessively blistery and binding.

14. Neon Everything

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz attends the 39th Annual People's Choice Awards astatine Nokia Theatre L.A. Live connected January 9, 2013 successful Los Angeles, California

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

It's good to person a small spot of neon successful your outfit erstwhile successful a while, but making neon the focal constituent of your outfit was a mistake excessively galore of america made successful the aboriginal 2010s. There are different ways to incorporated agleam colors without blinding anyone!

15. Bandage Dresses

Tali Duclaud arrives astatine Telemundo's Premios Tu Mundo Awards 2014 astatine American Airlines Arena connected August 21, 2014 successful Miami, Florida

Alexander Tamargo / WireImage / Via Getty Images

Again, a flattering silhouette is nice, but bandage dresses went excessively acold successful 2013. There was nary crushed for them to ever look like, well, the photograph above. 

16. Low Cut Mens Shirts

Russell Brand meets fans and signs copies of his publication 'Revolution' astatine Waterstone

Joseph Okpako / WireImage / Via Getty Images

No 1 wants to spot your thorax hair. Never, ever bring these back.

17. Acid Wash Jeans

A miss wears fake UGG boots and acerb washed jeans

Drbimages / iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

This was 1 of those trends that came backmost from the 1980s to haunt us, due to the fact that really, however were acid-washed jeans ever considered cool?

18. Excessive Floral Print

Kaley Cuoco is seen connected August 11, 2014 successful Los Angeles, California

Bauer-griffin / GC Images / Via Getty Images

Floral people was inescapable successful 2013, and it wasn't adjacent the cute kind. It was similar the benignant you spot connected your grandma's couch. No thought however that became a thing.

19. Lace Cutout Dresses

Actress Hailee Steinfeld arrives astatine the 2014 Teen Choice Awards astatine The Shrine Auditorium connected August 10, 2014

Axelle / FilmMagic / Via Getty Images

There was genuinely nary crushed for america to beryllium wearing truthful overmuch lace, and successful specified casual situations, too. Let's support lace wherever it belongs: nether our clothes.

What was your astir hated manner inclination of 2013? Which ones bash you privation to spot marque a comeback? Let america cognize successful the comments!