Southern Plains surveys damage following series of tornadoes; winter storms will continue to move through CA

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Parts of nan Southern Plains counted nan injured and surveyed nan harm Monday aft tornadoes and different powerful winds swept through, while immoderate Michigan residents faced a 5th consecutive time without powerfulness pursuing past week’s crystal storm.

In California, nan National Weather Service said a bid of wintertime large wind systems will proceed moving into nan authorities done Wednesday aft residents sewage a little break from terrible upwind Sunday.

Parts of nan Northeast that person seen small snowfall this wintertime were nether a wintertime large wind warning. And forecasters warned of continued precocious winds successful parts of nan Plains and of thunderstorms and possible tornadoes successful nan Ohio Valley.

A look astatine nan upwind threats astir nan country:


Tornado Cleanup, Forecast

Police successful Norman, Oklahoma, responded Sunday nighttime to large wind harm successful parts of nan city, astir 20 miles southbound of Oklahoma City. Officials said location were 12 confirmed weather-related injuries there, nary considered critical.

Crews canvassed nan damaged area looking for others who mightiness beryllium injured. Possible tornadoes and upwind gusts arsenic precocious arsenic 90 mph were reported successful Oklahoma, pinch downed trees and powerfulness lines, roadworthy closures and harm to homes astir Norman and Shawnee.

Frances Tabler, of Norman, told KOCO-TV that she suffered a mini trim connected her caput erstwhile a large wind deed her home, tearing disconnected overmuch of its tile and sending debris flying. She said it was a occurrence her children weren't hurt, though her girl was trapped for awhile successful a bedroom.

"I could perceive nan upwind coming. All of a abrupt each nan backmost windows, wherever nan kids bedrooms are, I could perceive them conscionable crashing, busting out. And I sewage up, and past nan upwind conscionable threw maine back, and I’m screaming," Tabler told KOCO. "It was conscionable for illustration a blizzard successful nan location pinch each nan debris flying. I was screaming for my kids."

A tornado touched down Sunday adjacent Liberal, Kansas, nan upwind work said, and much than a twelve homes were reported damaged, according to KSNW-TV. One personification had insignificant injuries, nan position said.

Storm clouds and snowfall are seen complete nan San Gabriel upland scope successful Los Angeles connected Feb. 26, 2023. A wintertime large wind that swept nan West Coast pinch flooding and frigid temperatures has shifted to confederate California.

Storm clouds and snowfall are seen complete nan San Gabriel upland scope successful Los Angeles connected Feb. 26, 2023. A wintertime large wind that swept nan West Coast pinch flooding and frigid temperatures has shifted to confederate California. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

There were reports of 9 tornadoes successful Kansas, Oklahoma and northwestern Texas, said Bob Oravec, a lead forecaster for nan upwind service. Weather work teams planned to study large wind harm Monday to find nan spot of nan tornadoes.

The terrible upwind threat remained Monday, pinch thunderstorms expected to nutrient damaging gusts crossed nan Ohio Valley, according to nan Storm Prediction Center. At slightest a fewer tornadoes are possible, particularly crossed Ohio connected Monday afternoon, nan halfway said. The upwind work forecast beardown winds Monday successful Kansas and Missouri, pinch gusts topping 60 mph.

Northeast Snowstorm

While not expecting a blockbuster large wind by location standards, confederate New England braced for what could beryllium nan astir important snowfall of what has truthful acold been a mild winter.

A wintertime large wind informing covered parts of nan Northeast, including Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island, pinch dense snowfall forecast for Monday evening done Tuesday afternoon.

Boston could get 5 inches and a messy Tuesday greeting commute, according to nan upwind service. As overmuch arsenic 10 inches could autumn successful occidental Massachusetts, northwest Connecticut and confederate Vermont.


Michigan Ice Storm

In Michigan, crews continued to activity to reconstruct electricity. Leah Thomas, whose location northbound of Detroit mislaid powerfulness Wednesday night, yet sewage her powerfulness backmost precocious Sunday afternoon.

Thomas said she feels fortunate that she and their 17-year-old boy were capable to enactment astatine her parents’ adjacent home, which still had power, while they are successful Florida.

With her hubby walking retired of town, Thomas said it was up to her to recharge nan artillery to their home’s backup sump pump Sunday pinch her car. She went to aggregate stores to find a agelong cablegram for nan task.

Although her basement didn't flood during nan outage, Thomas said Monday greeting that she mislaid each nan nutrient successful her refrigerator, including astir $200 worthy of prepared meals she had successful her freezer. She said she would person moved her nutrient to her parents' freezer but did not because DTE Energy had many times notified her that her home's powerfulness would beryllium backmost connected soon.

Instead, it took astir 4 days for nan powerfulness to beryllium restored.

"We did suffer each our nutrient because we didn't recognize nan outage was going to beryllium truthful long. DTE kept telling america nan powerfulness would beryllium backmost nan aforesaid day," Thomas said.

With nan section schoolhouse territory connected midwinter break, she said, immoderate of their neighbors person been retired of municipality and will return to find a messiness from burst h2o pipes and flooded basements.

"They don’t cognize what they’re coming location to," she said.

In hard-hit southeastern Michigan, still reeling from nan crystal large wind and precocious winds, nan state’s 2 main utilities — DTE Energy and Consumers Energy — reported much than 92,000 homes and businesses without powerfulness arsenic of precocious Monday morning. More than 63,000 of those were DTE customers.


California Gets a Break

California, meanwhile, sewage a little break from terrible upwind aft a powerful large wind a time earlier swelled Los Angeles-area rivers to vulnerable levels, flooded roads and dumped snowfall astatine elevations arsenic debased arsenic astir 1,000 feet. The sun came retired concisely Sunday successful greater Los Angeles, wherever residents emerged to marvel astatine mountains to nan northbound and eastbound blanketed successful white.

Suburban Santa Clarita, successful hills northbound of Los Angeles, received its first important snowfall since 1989.

"We went extracurricular and we fto our sons play successful nan snow," resident Cesar Torres told nan Santa Clarita Signal. "We figured, while nan snow’s there, mightiness arsenic good make a snowman retired of it."