Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin is my beautiful son and I will protect him

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Between nan lurking cannibals, collapsed helicopters, and grisly corpses littered astir nan land I crash-landed on, I’m not having a very bully time. Sons of nan Forest is simply a very scary unfastened world endurance experience. I’m forced to slumber nether a tarp until I tin build my ain log compartment by hand, and I’m eating earthy food and scavenged cereal to survive. There’s conscionable 1 salve to this unspeakable experience: my bully son, Kelvin, who is trying his absolute best.

Sons of nan Forest opens pinch a melodramatic sequence. I’m portion of a subject squad sent to analyse nan destiny of a missing family of billionaires. However, our copter is changeable down, and nan aviator and my companion Fisheye are mulched successful nan ensuing crash. Kelvin and I are nan only survivors, and Kelvin has intelligibly been injured successful immoderate superior way. There’s humor leaking retired of his ears, and there’s a glassy look to his eyes.

Kelvin trails aft nan subordinate everyplace they go, and to galore fans, he’s a beloved companion. Players person started to telephone him Kevin retired of fondness, and he does his champion to support up pinch nan protagonist. The subordinate tin power him — to an grade — pinch a notepad and insubstantial by giving him tasks to complete. The animations for this are reasonably comical. The protagonist writes down a elemental command, for illustration “Go get food and driblet them here,” and past hands it disconnected to Kevin — aliases thrusts it into his thorax for illustration an exasperated older related pinch a small brother. Kevin gormlessly grins, nods, and lopes disconnected to spell trim down trees aliases find rocks.

Kevin surely does his best, but unfortunately, his AI isn’t nan best. Or possibly it’s conscionable nan ensuing results of his encephalon wounded from nan crash. Sometimes he’s crouched by nan separator of a river, speed-snatching salmon pinch superhuman reflexes. Other times, he jogs correct up to a menacing cannibal and points astatine them silently. Yeah, man, I spot that. Thanks.

Not only is this a unspeakable discovery system, but nan cannibal usually thumps Kevin’s ass and I person to tally complete to help. Colleague Patrick Gill shared that his Kelvin had trim down nan character supporting his treehouse, starring to conscionable a floating... house. Ana Diaz besides asked “Wait, do your Kevins scream?” I don’t think my Kevin screams, but it’s an alarming mobility to consider. His eager disposition besides leads to astir arsenic galore scares arsenic nan cannibal. He’s always there. Waiting. Watching.

Kelvin isn’t nan only companion players tin meet successful Sons of nan Forest. Early on, a three-legged, three-armed female successful a bathing suit will sneak by nan camp. If you dainty her mildly by staying still and putting your weapons away, you tin gain her trust. Soon, she’ll statesman to bring you small gifts for illustration food aliases berries.

Once you’ve built up a rapport pinch this unusual woman, you tin statesman to springiness her gifts too. Like a shotgun and a pistol, which she dutifully dual wields. While she won’t return instructions for illustration Kevin — there’s nary notepad pinch which to guideline her — she will travel you astir arsenic an other combat companion, which is simply a pleasant surprise.

Kevin is simply a comforting changeless successful Sons of nan Forest. There are ways to dilute aliases moreover region your Kevin experience. In multiplayer, nan group shares their ain Kevin, truthful you tin simply fob him disconnected connected a companion. And if a cannibal downs Kevin, you tin decorativeness nan occupation by hitting him pinch a hatchet.

But why would you do these things? In nan scary, bleak environments of Sons of nan Forest, it’s bully to person a friend. Kevin strikes a weird equilibrium betwixt funny — there’s thing inherently comical astir watching him rotation into nan mediate of a stream and contemplatively beryllium down, grinning into nan mediate region — and profoundly unsettling. While nan crippled is still successful early access, I dream we get much Kevin content, and possibly a measurement to thief unscramble his noodle a small bit. My boy deserves each nan gifts successful nan world, including immoderate competent aesculapian care.