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Gus Kraus, the CEO of Solomon Airlines, and Joseph Laloyer, the recently appointed CEO of Air Vanuatu, met past play successful Port Vila to sermon ways to fortify their ties to the Melanesian portion and enactment unneurotic more.

Gus Kraus, the CEO of Solomon Airlines, and Joseph Laloyer, the recently appointed CEO of Air VanuatuGus Kraus, the CEO of Solomon Airlines, and Joseph Laloyer, the recently appointed CEO of Air Vanuatu. | © Solomon Times

Gus Kraus, CEO of Solomon Airlines, said;

“Joseph is not caller to the station of CEO for Air Vanuatu and whilst helium has lone conscionable returned to that office, we had precise utile discussions. It was besides a large pleasance to conscionable successful idiosyncratic again, with a beloved person and stalwart successful the hose industry.

Solomon Airlines and Air Vanuatu are neighbour nationalist carriers, with akin responsibilities, aspirations, fleet size and workforces. It makes consciousness for america to enactment together.

This is our archetypal circular of discussions, and we volition conscionable again successful the adjacent aboriginal to representation retired our longer-term associated aims and to advancement to a planned MOU.”

The Melanesian Region and Work

For this discussion, we mightiness notation to Melanesia arsenic a whole, which would see each of the members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, including West Papua and East Timor (as observers), Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (a subordinate successful association), and the governmental enactment successful New Caledonia. Reviving civil-military practice with the Melanesia subregion would amended these relations.

Melanesian Region Melanesia Region | © WCS.Org

Recent planetary headlines person focused connected Melanesia’s galore nations. It is abundantly wide that this portion is of paramount significance, arsenic evidenced by China leasing the Solomon Islands territory of Tulagi and the much-discussed ballot for independency successful Bougainville.

Subject to CAAV clearance, Solomon Airlines would, successful the interim, connection backup pilots for the airline’s home fleet, according to Joseph Laloyer, CEO of Air Vanuatu.

Solomon Airlines Pilots Solomon Airline Pilots | © Solomon Airlines

Mr Laloyer, CEO of Air Vanuatu, said

“In presumption of contiguous assistance, Solomon Airlines has agreed to assistance tide america implicit arsenic we question to employment pilots to alert our Twin Otter aircraft.

The shortage of pilots is an urgent precedence for us, arsenic it is affecting our home services. We convey Solomon Airlines and look guardant to that assistance which is planned by the extremity of this month.”

Mr Kraus and Mr Laloyer wholeheartedly agreed with the Association of South Pacific Airlines’ (ASPA) assertion that practice among determination airlines is important for determination economical maturation and gathering aboriginal manufacture problems. The airline’s executives besides paid respect to ASPA Secretary General George Faktaufon.

“As George prepares for his retirement, we privation him good and convey him sincerely for his leadership, and important publication to aviation improvement successful the Pacific region, for implicit 30 years.”

What bash you deliberation of Solomon Airlines and Air Vanuatu’s person connections? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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