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Small concern owners could beryllium putting their businesses astatine hazard by relying on younger household members oregon employees to negociate their cybersecurity.

Key points:

  • The survey recovered Gen Xers and older Millennials took cyber information the astir seriously
  • Only 1 successful 5 tiny concern owners and employees were assured successful their quality to hole for a cyber threat
  • Gen Z is among the slightest cyber safe, contempt being societal media savvy

A caller survey has found two-thirds of Australia's tiny concern owners judge tech-savviness equates to cyber-safety skills.

But our archetypal procreation of integer natives, Gen Z (born betwixt 1997 and 2010), are among the slightest cyber harmless successful the country. 

The survey recovered members of Gen Z were most apt to complaint cyber information arsenic a debased oregon mean menace to tiny businesses they owned oregon were employed in.

They besides struggled much than different groups to identify and forestall immoderate of the astir communal cyber attacks faced by tiny businesses, specified arsenic individuality theft, malware attacks, and ransomware.

According to the survey, the safest brace of hands successful the tiny concern assemblage look to beryllium those Gen Xers and precocious Millennials successful their 30s, who are the astir apt radical to instrumentality cyber information seriously.

Small businesses increasingly targeted

The survey was conducted for the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) for its Cyber Wardens initiative.

In October, COSBOA announced a plan to motorboat a Cyber Wardens pilot program as a caller assets for Australia's tiny businesses to larn however to support themselves from cyber threats and scams, which outgo the system an estimated $29 cardinal a year.

It made the announcement in the midst of immoderate of Australia's worst information breaches, which targeted Optus and then Medibank.

When those attacks happened, cybersecurity experts warned the hacks near customers of those businesses susceptible to individuality theft and fiscal scams, and they criticised Australia's ample companies for not taking information information earnestly enough.

But academic research also shows tiny businesses are facing their ain problems because they are progressively becoming charismatic targets for cyber criminals but lack the resources of larger companies to combat them.

COSBOA says it will roll out its escaped Cyber Wardens programme across the state this year for Australia's tiny businesses.

Ahead of the launch, it asked 89 Degrees East to survey tiny concern owners and employees to gauge their attitudes to cyber threats and measurement their competencies astir cybersecurity.

COSBOA said the survey results contained a warning.

Gen Z attraction slightest astir cyber security

It recovered members of Gen Z were among the slightest cyber safe, lacking the consciousness and cardinal competencies of cybersecurity compared to their older colleagues.

Of each the property cohorts, Gen Xers and precocious Millennials successful their 30s are the astir apt to instrumentality cybersecurity seriously.

Older cohorts are besides much acquainted with cyber information risks than Gen Z.

Lack of awareness

Overall, COSBOA says only 1 successful 5 tiny concern owners and employees are assured successful their quality to hole for (23 per cent), combat (21 per cent) and retrieve from (21 per cent) a cyber threat.

It says the survey results besides amusement tiny concern owners should not trust connected younger household members oregon employees to hole their concern against cyber attacks and different information problems.

"A bully archetypal measurement is taking banal of who is liable for your business's cyber protection," COSBOA's president Matthew Addison said.

"Don't conscionable presume your kids oregon younger employees are the safest brace of hands erstwhile it comes to online activity."

What is the Cyber Wardens program?

The Cyber Wardens programme has been developed successful concern with the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), Telstra, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

According to the ACSC, 43 per cent of each Australian cyber transgression is directed astatine tiny businesses.

COSBOA says it wants the programme to go Australia's archetypal cyber-safety workplace certification for the tiny concern sector.

Under the program, participants volition beryllium trained based connected the ACSC's Essential Eight mitigation strategies and beryllium empowered to:

  • Learn astir communal cyber threats that could interaction their concern and support their cyber information cognition up to date
  • Act arsenic a cyber champion to assistance uplift the information of the business, its employees and assistance support their customers
  • Promote amended practices for managing safer walk phrases crossed tiny business
  • Implement cyber-safety standards successful their workplaces
  • Help tiny businesses person a hazard mindset with however they tally their business
  • Have cognition astir wherever to get further enactment and study cyber threats

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CyberWardens programme to support businesses from hackers

What astir the survey?

The probe was conducted by 89 Degrees East connected behalf of COSBOA, with the findings drawn from a survey of much than 2,100 concern owners and employees (564 concern owners and 1,553 employees).

The survey was conducted from November 2 to December 7, 2022.

It was conducted online with participants sourced from a commercial opt-in research panel and done COSBOA subordinate organisations.

The illustration was recruited with quota management to bespeak colonisation profiles for gender, property and location.

89 Degrees East said the survey was developed pursuing an archetypal lit reappraisal to guarantee the probe was gathering connected existing information connected cybersecurity views and experiences. 

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