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With Teams’ success, it has been precise quiescent connected the Skype for Business Server front. In August 2022, Microsoft confirmed they “remain committed” to supporting Skype for Business Server beyond 2025.

Now immoderate quality for Skype for Business Server customers, The Skype for Business Server squad is looking for caller members to articulation their Technology Adoption Program (TAP).

From their blog:

TAP is an established programme designed to validate updates to Skype for Business Server by asking customers to trial them successful their ain laboratory oregon accumulation environments.

Program participants tin measure and validate upcoming features and enhancements earlier they are mostly disposable and supply feedback straight to the Skype for Business merchandise improvement team.

New diagnostic announcements volition beryllium communicated to participants done email and a Teams transmission dedicated to Skype for Business 2015/2019 discussion.

Program Benefits

  • Get a caput commencement successful the adjacent deployment cycle, taking vantage of caller and enhanced features disposable successful upcoming releases.
  • Provide feedback on, and power the absorption of aboriginal updates to Skype for Business Server straight to the merchandise group.
  • Build a adjacent narration with the Skype for Business Server merchandise team
  • Participate successful the mode that makes consciousness for your organization, with nary obligations oregon commitments

Qualifications for Participation

  • Willing to dedicate resources (people, time, and hardware) to investigating pre-release Skype for Business Server builds
  • Respond to requests for feedback, including surveys, be league calls and enactment successful email and Teams transmission conversations
  • Provide constructive insights with context
  • Share feedback adjacent erstwhile not requested, particularly if a caller diagnostic is problematic for your organization.

How to Join

If you consciousness your enactment is what we are looking for, you tin nominate yourself by emailing with the accusation listed below. Please enactment “SfB TAP Customer Nomination” successful the taxable line.

  • Company name
  • Number of Skype for Business users successful your organization
  • Version(s) of Skype for Business Server you are presently running
  • Name and email code of the interaction person
  • Reason for your involvement successful the Technology Adoption Program

So, if you are inactive moving Skype for Business Server and are invested successful it for a fewer years more, this is an fantabulous accidental to get progressive with caller features and the adjacent version.