Shiba Inu Price Spiked 8% in 7-Days; SHIB Attracted ETH Whales

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Shiba Inu Price

  • Shiba Inu noted much than 8% upsurge successful 7 days.
  • Recent update by a crypto whales locator shows that ETH Whales accumulated much than $600 cardinal SHIB token.

WhaleStats, a crypto whale tracker, precocious tweeted that nan apical 5000 Ethereum (ETH) Whales are holding much than $600 cardinal successful SHIB token. SHIB token became nan “most traded token,” and holds “biggest token position by dollar value.” Meanwhile, nan Uniswap (UNI) token is nan “most wide held token,” according to WhaleStats. 

🐳 The apical 5000 #ETH whales are hodling

$606,553,503 $SHIB
$167,714,936 $MATIC
$155,922,150 $BEST
$149,437,315 $LINK
$131,748,690 $CHSB
$96,219,283 $UNI
$70,172,580 $LOCUS
$69,722,963 $MANA

Whale leaderboard 👇

— WhaleStats (tracking crypto whales) (@WhaleStats) March 18, 2023

According to WhaleStats, it “tracks up to 5000 of nan largest Ethereum wallets (the “whales”), who are worthy an mean of $12,056,142 and clasp an mean of 6,881 ETH, 7 tokens, and 1 NFT.”

Shiba Inu Price Analysis

Shiba Inu (SHIB) value is presently trading astatine $0.000011 pinch a 24-hour trading measurement of $320.80 million. Shiba Inu marked an upsurge 1.95% successful nan past 24 hours while its existent marketplace headdress is $6.61 billion. In nan past 7-days, Shiba Inu value was noted recorded astatine a precocious of $0.00001177 and debased astatine $0.00001001. Meanwhile, successful one-week, Shiba Inu value roseate 9.31% but noted a astir 18% diminution successful 1 month, according to CoinMarketCap.

Source: SHIB/USD by Tradingview

Elon Musk’s Meme Tweet and Kusama’s Response

A caller tweet by Elon Musk gained nan attraction of Shytoshi Kusama, nan pseudonymous creator of Shiba Inu. On March 18, Elon Musk shared different meme tweet: That looks for illustration a changed matter of a celebrated opus “The Impossible Dream” by nan Welsh vocalist and TV presenter Rhydian. 

To meme nan intolerable meme 🎶
To conflict nan unbeatable foe 🧌
To carnivore pinch unbearable sorrow 😭
To tally wherever nan brave situation not go💨

To right, nan un-rightable rong 😑
To ♥️ axenic and chaste from afar
To effort erstwhile your arms are excessively weary 😮‍💨
To scope nan unreachable ⭐️

This is…

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 17, 2023

The Twitter CEO changed nan first statement of nan opus truthful that it goes arsenic “To meme nan intolerable meme, to conflict nan unbeatable foe.” He besides addressed that “message” to nan artificial intelligence merchandise ChatGPT, which he slammed arsenic “woke” earlier this twelvemonth aggregate times.

Over this tweet by Musk, nan lead of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, responded pinch a tweet: “SHIBARMY?.” It seems arsenic if he is suggesting that Musk was again suggesting his support of meme cryptocurrencies and SHIB this clip successful particular.

The caller update by Shib Army states that “a caller restaurant, Shiba Wings, has launched successful Surfers Paradise, Australia. The edifice is nan first Diner-type edifice successful Australia that will judge crypto arsenic costs pinch nan attraction being connected nan Shiba Inu Coin.” Shytoshi Kusama called it “a awesome illustration of decentralization.”


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