Children's advocate calls for TikTok's parent company to 'compensate' kids for data collection

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After TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was grilled successful an explosive House proceeding Thursday, a children's advocator told Fox News it is clip for nan app's genitor institution to beryllium amended regulated and perchance "compensate" those whose information it secretly collects.

Lisa Cline, chairwoman of nan Children's Screen Time Action Network, told "The Story" Friday nan bipartisan outrage shown against Chew represented really Americans are opening to recognize nan threat of societal media peculiarly among youth.

"It's clip for a monolithic recall. Kids are dying. The disturbing contented is force-fed to these children," she said.

"I don't cognize that I wholly work together pinch a prohibition entirely, but I deliberation a monolithic recall, a regulatory assemblage that needs to oversee this stuff, raising nan property limits; kids should beryllium compensated. They should each get checks for nan individual information they person forked complete and statement nan pockets of ByteDance with."


FILE - The TikTok Inc. building is seen successful Culver City, Calif.

FILE - The TikTok Inc. building is seen successful Culver City, Calif. ((AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes))

ByteDance, a Chinese-based Cayman-incorporated tech firm, is nan genitor institution of TikTok.

Cline besides reacted to Chew's noted consequence to a mobility from Rep. Nanette Barrigan, D-Calif., who asked why nan CEO doesn't let his 8-year-old kid connected nan app.

Chew replied that because he lives successful Singapore, his children are incapable to entree nan "Under-13 experience" but added if he was successful nan U.S. he would let his kid to usage that app "experience."


Cline said that speech besides underlines why nan U.S. must return action, going connected to praise Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox for passing a rule reportedly requiring parental consent and clip limits for apps specified arsenic TikTok and Instagram. 

The first-in-the-nation laws were, however, opposed by civilian liberties groups, according to nan U.K. Guardian.

"Short of moving to Utah, which has immoderate bully laws that came retired this morning… you person to beryllium vigilant, diligent, speak pinch your kids astir nan dangers. Don't beryllium acrophobic to look astatine their phone," Cline said.

"You astir apt purchased nan phone. You astir apt salary nan bills for that phone. It's your phone. And, you know, possibly make it not cool. Go connected TikTok yourself."


On tragedies wherever children person died from "choking" challenges connected TikTok, Cline said families are being "violated" by nan power of societal media. Cline said Big Tech's strategy is often to blasted parents for not curtailing their children's app usage.

"It is not our fault. It is not our children's fault. Try not to get upset pinch nan kids. It's not their responsibility either. Their prefrontal cortex cannot grip turning this worldly off," she concluded.

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