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Samsung has announced a almighty caller camera sensor that’s a cleanable acceptable for the forthcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung launches ISOCELL HP2 200-megapixel representation sensor for flagship smartphones


Announced today, the caller Isocell HP2 is simply a 1/1.3” sensor packing a whopping 200 megapixels, specs that tally precisely with accusation already leaked astir Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Importantly, the Isocell HP2 offers galore important improvements beyond a elemental doubling successful solution - immoderate of which trust connected a 200-megapixel sensor to enactment retired mathematically.

Isocell HP2 expands Samsung’s scope of 200-megapixel sensors to three, alongside the existing HP1 and HP3 sensors, and has already entered wide production. However, lone the caller Isocell HP2 matches these antecedently leaked specifications and is, therefore, highly apt to beryllium the 1 chosen for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Slightly smaller than the existent Isocell HP1 sensor, the Isocell HP2 is designed to lucifer the carnal format utilized by 108-megapixel sensors, specified arsenic the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Further marking it retired arsenic the evident successor for the Galaxy S Ultra range.

Samsung has already promised improved nighttime photography and astrophotography from its next-gen flagship, arsenic revealed successful a promo video accompanying the caller motorboat of pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Now, it looks highly apt that the claimed ‘epic item and colour reproduction’ of the Isocell HP2 volition beryllium making its mode to that smartphone too.

When compared to the existing Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung’s caller sensor offers faster seizure for some stills and video, with 200-megapixel photos captured astatine up to 15 shots per second, compared to 10 shots per 2nd astatine 108 megapixels connected the existent model.

Crucially, it besides has the quality to power betwixt 200, 50 and 12.5 megapixels to execute the champion equilibrium betwixt maximum item and maximum low-light performance. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, connected the different hand, tin sprout astatine either 108 megapixels oregon 12.5 megapixels, missing retired connected the caller 50-megapixel mode that appears to deed the saccharine spot.

Furthermore, video tin beryllium captured astatine up to 480 fps astatine 1080p — doubly arsenic accelerated arsenic the Galaxy S22 Ultra, portion some max retired astatine 30 fps for 8K video and 120 fps astatine 4K. The Isocell HP2, however, is capable to sprout 8K video utilizing its caller 50-megapixel mode, utilizing much of the sensor’s aboveground country and bigger effectual pixels to amended quality.

InstagramSamsung Semiconductor connected Instagram: "See for yourself the quality 200 megapixels tin make. With ISOCELL HP2, you tin zoom arsenic acold arsenic you privation into a photo, and the prime volition inactive beryllium crystal clear. Who needs a zoom lens? #MorePixelsEpicDetails #InspiredByISOCELL"

Samsung’s caller ‘Dual Vertical Transfer Gate’ exertion besides promises to amended each pixel’s maximum airy capableness by ‘more than 33 percent’. This promises the quality to seizure brighter scenes with much close colour and without overexposure.

The caller sensor besides offers a caller ‘Super QPD’ auto-focus technology, which means each 200 cardinal pixels tin present focusing information tin beryllium pixel binned into 2-by-2 superpixels that admit some horizontal and vertical signifier changes. Samsung claims Super QPD volition alteration accelerated auto-focusing ‘even successful a dimly lit environment.’

While simply upgrading from 108 megapixels to 200 megapixels could easy beryllium dismissed arsenic a gimmick, Samsung’s Isocell HP2 appears to connection respective improvements that could marque a existent quality to quality. So overmuch truthful that I’d beryllium precise disappointed not to spot this caller sensor look successful the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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