Royal expert on Camilla dropping consort title against Queen Elizabeth’s wishes: ‘A queen in her own right’

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King Charles III’s wife, Camilla, queen consort of nan United Kingdom, is apparently paving her ain measurement arsenic Great Britain’s monarchy prepares to crown nan mates this coming May.

Following nan coronation, Camilla will reportedly return nan title of "queen" alternatively than "queen consort," unnamed sources told nan Daily Mail over nan weekend. The move besides goes against nan precocious Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes to mention to Camilla arsenic "queen consort" arsenic she carries retired nan remainder of her royal duties.

Elizabeth declared that she wanted Camilla to beryllium known arsenic "queen consort" successful February 2022 pinch an endorsement that formally signified nan family’s acceptance of Camilla arsenic a respected elder member. It was besides wide seen arsenic a move by Elizabeth to pave a soft transition to Charles’ reign.

According to royal master and commentator Nigel Farage, Camilla’s petition for a title alteration comes astatine a clip erstwhile she’s "paid her penance."


"All these years of being considered to beryllium 'the wicked woman' because of Diana and nan narration that Camilla had whilst Charles was joined to Diana, I now deliberation nan British group and those astir nan Commonwealth and nan English-speaking world person taken this female to their hearts," Farage said connected "Varney & Co." Monday. "And that intends nan coronation is going to beryllium a afloat coronation."

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla

Camilla, Queen Consort, will reportedly return a title alteration to "queen" pursuing her and King Charles III's coronation connected May 6. (Getty Images)

He further agreed that nan move appears to beryllium a promotion, adding his belief that Camilla will go "a queen successful her ain right" complete time.

King Charles III is said to beryllium "very excited" arsenic he prepares to beryllium crowned connected May 6 astatine London’s Westminster Abbey. Following astir a 1000 years of tradition, nan work will beryllium conducted by nan Archbishop of Canterbury.

"I deliberation they’re very excited," Lady Anne Glenconner, Princess Margaret’s erstwhile lady-in-waiting, antecedently told Fox News Digital. "And it’s truthful breathtaking because location are very fewer group live for illustration maine who were portion of nan past coronation. I’m nan only personification to person written astir nan coronation who was really successful it. We’re perfectly looking guardant to it very much."

Camilla, queen consort, joined by King Charles III, speaks arsenic she hosts a reception astatine Clarence House for authors, members of nan literate organization and representatives of literacy charities, to observe nan 2nd day of The Reading Room connected February 23, 2023 successful London, England. | Getty Images

While members of nan royal family will be Charles’ coronation, it remains to beryllium seen if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to nan U.K. for nan festivities. The duke and duchess of Sussex unrecorded successful California and person reportedly faced familial and media hostility successful caller months aft publically speaking retired astir their individual struggles pinch royal life.

Harry and Meghan’s fame rank successful Great Britain is "down astatine nan level of Prince Andrew," who was antecedently associated pinch Jeffrey Epstein, Farage argued.


"We are sick to nan backmost teeth of this whinging couple," nan royal master criticized, "this mates that everlastingly show america they want privateness whilst they do Netflix films, whilst they constitute books, whilst they writer anybody successful nan media who's overly captious of them."

"We are sick to decease of them," he continued. "I person to say, I very overmuch dream they don't travel to nan coronation. If they do, nan group successful nan streets of London will boo them, and I'm delighted that American nationalist sentiment is catching up. And, hopefully, successful a mates of years' time, cipher will want to perceive a azygous connection they person to say."


Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.