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Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 Golden SwitchImage: Atlus

Persona fans volition beryllium feasting aboriginal connected this week erstwhile 2 classical entries successful the bid — Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden — motorboat connected the Switch eShop connected 19th January. This duo of PS2 classics, based connected their PSP and PS Vita versions respectively, articulation the beloved Persona 5 Royal connected a Nintendo console for the archetypal time.

But look, it's been years since these games archetypal came retired — adjacent though Persona 4 Golden got a Steam larboard successful 2020, bash radical deliberation some of these titles person held up well? Particularly connected the Switch? Let's find out!

Before we leap into each game, you tin find our thoughts connected Atlus' duo of classics below. We recovered Persona 3 Portable to beryllium a beardown introduction but the presumption and repetitive dungeon plan near america wanting. Time, however, has been kinder to Persona 4 Golden, which is inactive arsenic engrossing present arsenic it was implicit a decennary ago.

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