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A Rockland logistics institution claims that a government-connected concern has refused to wage for astir 10,000 Covid-19 tests administered successful Bergen County, New Jersey.

Tesfast LLC of Airmont accused Fastmed LLC of New Jersey of pocketing payments for services, successful a ailment filed Jan. 11 successful U.S. District Court, White Plains, and Bergen County of unjustly benefitting from the arrangement.

Tesfast mobile Covid-19 investigating successful Bergen County, NJ

Tesfast claims it had an oral statement with Fastmed to supply mobile Covid-19 investigating successful Bergen County. The Rockland institution agreed to supply the tests, investigating vans and employees, and to administer the tests and get them processed astatine laboratories.

The New Jersey institution would grip the billing and supply supplies, according to the complaint, and the partners would stock profits connected a 50-50 ground aft expenses.

For 3 weeks, from December 2021 to  January 2022, the ailment states, 9,980 tests were administered successful Bergen County.

Fastmed allegedly collected astir $2.5 cardinal — $251 per trial — but has ne'er paid Tesfast for its fractional of the profits.

Instead of paying, the ailment states, Fastmed complained that Tesfast was dilatory and determination were “too galore headaches with you guys.”

The Tesfast logistics managers see Rockland residents Simon Apel, Alexander Katz, Aaron Kraminer and Joseph Krausz. Fastmed is associated with New Jersey residents Richards Alfonja, Eric Bober, and Yonah Carlebach.

Tesfast lawyer Scott Levenson argues that Fastmed and its principals fraudulently induced the woody and were unjustly enriched due to the fact that they “never intended to wage them for their services.” Attempts to interaction Fastmed for its broadside of the communicative failed.

The ailment does not authorities whether Bergen County was a enactment to the oral agreement, but it says the region violated a civilian racketeering instrumentality by promoting the investigating work for the payment of residents knowing that Fastmed was not going to wage Tesfast. Bergen County Counsel Thomas J. Duch did not reply to a connection asking for the county’s effect to the allegations.

Tesfast says it mislaid retired connected much than $1 cardinal successful profits, and it is seeking 3 times arsenic overmuch successful damages.

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