Riot Stock Price Prediction: RIOT Share Price Jumps 47% In 5 Days, Will Rally Continue?

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RIOT Stock Price Prediction

  • Riot Share value has jumped to $8 pinch nan emergence successful Bitcoin value to $27000
  • Technical indicators of RIOT are favoring an upside trend. RIOT value is up by much than 14% successful intraday session

Riot Blockchain Inc. is a  institution which  operates successful nan cryptocurrency mining industry. The company’s banal has gained important attraction from investors owed to its engagement successful nan increasing section of blockchain technology.Since its first nationalist offering successful 2017, Riot’s banal has seen tremendous growth. In 2020 alone, nan banal surged by complete 1,000%, driven mostly by nan increasing liking successful Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. Riot stock value has seen a highest of $82 successful Feb 2021. It has seen a debased of $3 successful nan past and has seen a beardown comeback to $8 wrong a fewer months period. The existent spike successful Riot tin beryllium seen arsenic a consequence of nan rally successful Bitcoin. BTC has breached nan period of $26000 which has pushed nan plus value to a caller high. Various analysts are expecting a beardown emergence successful value successful nan adjacent future.

Riot has a marketplace headdress of $1.353 Billion pinch a antagonistic EPS. RIOT value tin spot a rally to $20 arsenic per nan analysts if BTC continues this rally.

Is A Breakout Above $10 On Its Way?

Source: TradingView

The play method floor plan of RIOT suggests a consolidated inclination successful price. It has seen a breakout successful nan regular floor plan which tin move to a caller precocious successful nan future.Riot value is presently adjacent $8.10 pinch a summation of 14% successful nan intraday session. The upside inclination of RIOT tin spot a halt adjacent nan worth of $10.Meanwhile a support successful nan plus value tin beryllium seen adjacent $6. It has seen a jump to $8.1 pinch BTC crossing supra $27k. RIOT value is presently trading supra nan 50 and 100 Daily Moving Average. There is simply a affirmative crossover which tin push nan plus value to a caller precocious successful nan future.

RSI of RIOT has seen a immense spike and is adjacent 67 suggesting its beingness successful nan overbought zone. The affirmative slope suggests a spike successful value for nan future.


RIOT is presently seeing a beardown rally pinch nan emergence successful value of BTC. The breakout whitethorn push nan value to a caller high. Various analysts are expecting a beardown maturation successful value for nan future.

Technical Levels

Major Support:$6

Major Resistance: $10


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