Revolut Reports 33% Revenue Surge in 2022, Reaching £850 Million Despite Crypto Downtrend

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Revolut, a British neo-bank and crypto-exchange company, has announced a singular 33% summation successful gross successful 2022, contempt nan existent downturn successful nan crypto market. The fintech patient has gained a ample marketplace stock and an extended personification guidelines successful a comparatively short period, moreover during nan crypto winter.

What led to Revolut’s growth?

Revolut’s occurrence has been attributed to its effective diversification of gross streams by offering services crossed various financial markets, arsenic good arsenic merchandise innovation. With a attraction connected bully personification experience, customer retention, and much than half a cardinal downloads since its inception, nan marque has established itself arsenic a pioneer. It has besides attracted caller users by providing easy entree to loans, debit/credit cards, and expanding into cash-dominant markets successful Asia and Africa.

Through technological integrations, Revolut provides users pinch useful tools, analytics, and insights to thief them way their finances. Along pinch charismatic discounts and offers, nan marque has lured a batch of mini businesses to go customers.

Despite nan tumultuous crypto marketplace and nan 2022 downturn, Revolut’s business has not been impacted, arsenic crypto services relationship for little than 10% of its revenue. The patient has reported gross of £850 cardinal (approximately $1.03 billion) successful 2022. The fast-paced maturation has established nan institution arsenic 1 of nan biggest fintech firms successful nan world, pinch a valuation of astir $33 cardinal based connected its past backing round.

The company’s chairman, Martin Gilbert, said, “Such beardown financial capacity and profitability show Revolut efficiently moving from nan ‘start-up’ that is only focused connected growth, to nan ‘scale-up’ looking to turn profitably.”


The institution faced a fewer setbacks on nan way, specified arsenic accusations of mediocre activity civilization pinch agelong moving hours for employees. However, it has taken steps to reside these challenges and has emerged stronger, pinch a much than 100% summation successful nan number of labor successful a short period.

Revolut besides awaits a banking licence from nan UK, which would thief it grow its services and declare that they are successful nan last shape of nan process. This would let Revolut to turn importantly successful nan banking assemblage and grow into different countries specified arsenic Brazil, Mexico, and New Zealand.

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