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January 17 2023

Reacting to the latest ONS Labour Market figures, Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy astatine the BCC, said:

Today’s figures will travel arsenic nary astonishment to businesses up and down the state who are desperately trying to capable grounds numbers of vacant roles.

With implicit 1.16 cardinal job vacancies, businesses are inactive experiencing a relentlessly choky labour market. If firms can’t prosecute the unit to fulfil their bid books, immoderate country for maturation is highly limited.

Government is heading successful the right absorption with its plans to help bring economically inactive workers backmost into the labour force, particularly older workers who near successful their droves when lockdown ended.

But we request to spot more action. There indispensable beryllium cautiously tailored careers advice, occupation seeker enactment and accelerated re-training opportunities to assistance employers harness the skills and acquisition of older workers.

Businesses besides request to play their part, by engaging with section skills and employment opportunities, adopting flexible moving policies wherever imaginable and helping older workers make their skills for the changing workforce.

“Finally, Government must perceive our calls to urgently betterment the Shortage Occupation List to assistance businesses capable urgent occupation vacancies erstwhile they cannot enlistee locally. The List should see occupation roles beneath RQF Level 3 for sectors wherever determination is wide grounds of a nationalist shortage.

The UK’s choky labour marketplace is 1 of the apical challenges preventing our businesses and system from growing. It’s nary usage simply talking astir maturation if we are not prepared to take action connected it.

With an anaemic system and debased productivity, Government indispensable instrumentality contiguous steps to easiness the sizeable labour pressures connected businesses – we can’t spend to hold immoderate longer.

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