Quantumscape (QS) stock lost 11% but institutions still bullish?

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Quantumscape Price

  • 1 Quantumscape Corp (NYSE: QS) thumps nan Q4 EPS estimates by 12.75%
  • 2 Amalgamated Bank buys 1890 shares of Quantumscape Corp
  • 3 NYSE: QS banal value down by 11% connected nan play ground and rejected nan 200 time EMA

Quantumscape Corp (NYSE: QS) banal value has attempted to break retired of nan 200 time EMA to reverse nan positional inclination successful nan guidance of bulls but marketplace sentiment turned antagonistic and QS bulls grounded to clasp nan higher levels.

According to nan astir caller SEC filings, Amalgamated Bank had grew its liking by 4.3% successful nan 3rd 4th aft acquiring an further 1890 shares during nan period. Amalgamated Bank’s holdings successful QuantumScape were worthy $386,000 astatine nan extremity of nan astir caller reporting period. In nan erstwhile convention NYSE: QS banal value closed astatine $9.08 pinch nan intraday nonaccomplishment of 5.91% and marketplace headdress stood astatine $3.958B

Will Quantumscape banal value retrieve successful coming months?

NYSE: QS regular floor plan by Tradingview

Quantumscape Corp (NYSE: QS) banal value is successful short word uptrend and rising upward by forming higher precocious swings but it seems for illustration bull traps are planted connected nan higher levels and it will beryllium not easy for nan buyers to proceed nan upward momentum. Recently, QS banal prices changeable up 32.29% connected nan intraday ground erstwhile nan institution succeeded to hit nan Q4 EPS estimates which has created a affirmative dream for nan agelong word investors but unluckily prices did not get nan travel up momentum and mislaid each its erstwhile gains.

In nan mid of January, Quantumscape bulls person managed to pushed nan value supra nan 50 time EMA which shows nan first signs of nan short word inclination reversal and slow and dependable prices rallied 68% approx successful a short span of clip but nan 200 time EMA(green) move retired to beryllium beardown hurdle for nan bulls and prices faced beardown rejection shape nan $12.00 hurdle level which indicates that nan bears are still progressive astatine nan higher levels.

On nan different hand, Quantumscape banal value is approaching nan support area astatine $8.00 level and if wide marketplace sentiment improves past we mightiness again spot a short word rebound successful nan QS stock. The method indicators of banal for illustration MACD person generated antagonistic crossover indicating bearishness to proceed for immoderate much clip whereas nan RSI astatine 51 denotes nan equilibrium betwixt bullish and bearish positions.


Quantumscape Corp (NYSE: QS) banal value is reversing down aft getting rejection from nan 200 time EMA shows that nan positional inclination is still successful nan carnivore grip and prices are expected to spot much downside successful coming days. However, If wide marketplace sentiment improves past we mightiness spot immoderate short word bounce backmost from nan support levels mentioned below.

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $12.00 and $14.00

Support levels : $8.00 and $5.16


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